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Inside skin of penis dry/peeling


For about two years now the inside skin of my oenis seems to be dry and regularly peels. It's not the penis head itself that is peeling but the section where the base of the head meets the skin (not the tip).

Doctor has done an STI test and I'm clear and have previously seen a dermatologist. Have tried canes ten which helps by keeping the area moist but after stopping use the dry skin comes back after a few days. I think I remember using a steroid ointment too.

It's an issue because it makes the area tender and sore.

Anyone else had this issue before too?
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How long do you use the canesten?

Typically, flaky skin can indicate a fungal infection, like yeast, and it responding well to canesten also indicates that. I used to work with a nurse practitioner who told patients to use the cream for 2 weeks after symptoms disappeared to make sure it didn't recur.
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Yeah, this was the second time using during the period and did it for 3 weeks.

I find that if I use some other cream/vitamin E it's similar. Keeps the area moist then it gradually dries again
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You could have just really dry skin, or eczema or something, which can resemble a fungal infection, and be much, much harder to clear. Have you seen a dermatologist? That would be my next suggestion.
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