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Is excessive precum release normal?

Hi i want to know that is precum from my underwear pass on to other things
Like I'm out in the public place and i have like jeans and under that is my underwear and i was aroused so i produce precum it feels so uncomfortable with precum and i want to know that if someone sit where i sat before do they get pregnant? I have a frickin anxiety
And also does someone know how to produce less precum? It feels so uncomfortable producing precum every ******* sec even if it isn't sexual realted things i still produce precum
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Copious precum is possible. If it disturbs you, there are certain thongs you can do: avoid triggers for arousal, if not possible, take more often care of sexual release. Also different exercises for your perineum may help alleviate the symptoms. If this simple advice doesnt help, please make an appointment with an urologist. Good luck!
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That was helpful guys so my 1st question is not possible right? Im 17 and my country didn't have a lot of sexual education so i learned nth from it
Annie answered that question, which was the easiest to answer.  
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The answer to the first question is, no, nobody can sit on it and get pregnant that way. All the sperm would be dead if there were sperm in it at all, and that depends on how recently you had ejaculated. (The longer from having ejaculated, the less likely there is to be sperm in the pre-ejaculatory fluid.)

Don't know the answer to the second question, especially if you are young. (Hormones, you know.)
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Also, make sure that the liquid coming out is not urine. A bladder leak can give you a drip.
Can't say we know what's in your underwear, but I agree with the above.  It seems pretty odd to be having precum all the time.  I'm sure given the incredible variety of human experience that anything is possible, but precum is called that because it comes out just before the full release of an orgasm.  If your underwear has yellowish stains on it, that's urine.  If it's clear and liquid and just a tad sticky that's precum.  It's possible again that you're just the horniest guy on Earth because someone has to be that person, and don't worry, if that's true it won't last.  You also might be playing with yourself down there a lot as a habit even when you're not masturbating which could leave you in a constant state of being ready to orgasm.  I can't really know, but you do want to find out.  Otherwise, I don't know there's a fix for it other than to stop whatever it is you're doing that makes you so close to orgasm all the time, such as constantly looking at porn everywhere you go or something like that.  I went through that young man period where you're horny a lot but I never remember having precum in my underwear all the time.  Peace.
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