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Is the urethra naturally wet?

Good morning guys.

First time posting here but I have developed this kinda habit of squeezing my penis when I wake up.  Sort of from the bottom of the shaft, pressing up and pushing till my fingers reach the glans.  Sometimes I notice a sort of transparent liquid, which reaches the urethra opening.  

Hence my question - is the inside of the urethra naturally wet and am I moving this sort of wetness up till the urethral opening?

Thanks guys!
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Yes.  When you wake up you probably need to pee, so there's stuff in there.  Frankly, there's always stuff in there, it's not a dry zone.  This also sounds like you're playing with yourself a little, and of course when you stimulate it that can also produce some wet stuff.
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Thanks for your answer Paxiled - need to lay off from squeezing too much.

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