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Is this Prostatitis?

A little over  3 months ago I started experiencing very bad low back pain it was very weird because I don’t do any heavy lifting or anything like that. This pain went on for about 3 weeks and then I started to frequently urinate (no pain, burn or sting) that went on for about 2 days then I had unprotected sex with a new partner. The next day I had a burn after urinating and was still frequently going and still with the low back pain. I went to my doc a week later & he did a urinalysis and it came back clear and didn’t want to send for a culture because the urinalysis showed no reason to. The new partner I had sex with then went to get tested and everything came back negative. The sting after urinating subsided after a week & I started to also feel heavy ness or like there was a ball between my anus and scrotum. It was very uncomfortable to sit and even walk without feeling it as well as I would feel random pain at the top or head of my penis. Like I said this has been goin on for a little over 3 months now and for the most part everything is better the heavy ness or ball feeling between the legs is gone but I still have occasional low back pain & soreness in the low back, prostate, buttocks area. I would like to add prolonged sitting at my office makes the symptoms come back but if standing or walking I feel like a normal person. Not sure what is going on. I also tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trich after the second month and was negative so that would match the negative results with my new sex partner. Plus after the 3 month mark I tested negative for HIV as did the new partner.

Was I already gradually developing Prostatitis before my unprotected sexual encounter with new female partner? Would that explain the low back pain and frequent urinating prior to the encounter?
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It sure sounds like prostatitis, and yes, you could have had it before your partner.

Have you had any urine testing other than the STD testing?




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Hello. Thank you for the response. No my although I asked my doctor if we could send urine off for culture he said there’s no need to because the urinalysis was fine & he can already tell based off a urinalysis if the urine from a culture will come back with bacteria or not. I believe I asked him twice. Only other urine test was for stds and that was negative.
It's good that the STD tests were negative, and the in office urinalysis was negative, but he still should have sent your urine off for culture.

Can you see another urologist? I know lots of people are having a hard time getting health care due to covid shut downs, but in the mean time, read up on prostatitis, especially non-bacterial prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. It may not be what you have, but you may find some things you can do that help.

One thing that others say helps sometimes is to eliminate caffeine. It doesn't help everyone, but it can help.

We also have 2 others who have posted very similar stories today. If you go back to the main forum, maybe you all can help each other get through this.

As always thank you so much for the information and help!
I read that 90% of Prostatitis cases are non bacterial chronic Prostatitis.
Also I read (not to sure how reliable this is) that Prostatitis is rarely a result of an std but it is possible + cases that last longer than 3 months in considered chronic. I do believe I have chronic non bacterial Prostatitis since I was feeling symptoms prior to my sexual encounter. It wouldn’t make sense for me to have symptoms prior and even after having the same symptoms. I do believe that caffeine has something to do with aggravating the symptoms I was clean of caffeine & alcohol since I got the symptoms and up until recently when I started feeling normal I begin to drink caffeine daily & consumed a small amount of alcohol here and there. I never saw a urologist just my normal doc. & with everything going on I believe it will be pretty difficult to get in anytime soon. I will add I feel WAAY better just not 100% normal :/
Yes, all of that is correct. STDs can cause prostatitis, but most often, it isn't the cause of it.

Caffeine is really hard on our bodies, especially the urinary tract, prostate, etc. It's really just as bad as alcohol, which we all know about. Both are really dehydrating, too.

I'm glad you feel better, and it might not hurt to try to start the process of getting into a urologist now. You might have to wait, but maybe the waiting list will be over by the time this whole thing ends. If you wait until this whole thing ends, you might have another few months to wait.

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