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Jock itch or something else?

Hi All

Ive recently (around 5/6 days ago) developed what Ive self diagnosed as jock itch. I have what looks like a blotchy, scaly rash on my inner thighs and on my foreskin. It seems to get worse at night. Ive been applying Anti fungal for about 4 days now.. first 2 days I tried Canesten cream however I thought it looked worse so Ive tried Lamsil spray for the past 3 days, however it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Is there something else this could be? How long does it usually take to go away? Is there anything I can do to speed up the process.

Ive done some reading around and so have kept the area as dry as possible, changed boxers twice daily, wore loose clothing etc.

Im quite prone to eczema and allergic to dust, and bio washing powder (however I use non-bio)

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I am sure you must be using some antihistamine tablets on regular bases. It it is because of dry skin you may use moisturizor over the whole wet body twice a day.some time some meds are giving quick results. Difficult to pick up such products even for doctors. So usually it is by trial and error method. I think deramtological forum will give better advice than this general forum.
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So you think I should moisturize? Ive read you're supposed to keep the area as dry as possible?
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I have also read that you should not apply moistrizer on your genital area, armpits and  behind the knees.I do not apply moisterizar at these places.I am undergoing treatment for the last 3 years.Your problem appear to be simple. Still take special care. I have given a general view in my message.
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Just to day I read in a newspaper that do not use moisturizer, use only coconut oil. There are lot of different opinions about the treatment and varied medicine. I have different ointments for different parts of the body. They are all steroids with different potency depending on the thickness of the skin. In fact I get confused as I have read a lot of things on allergy.
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