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Lack of orgasm and Pain after renal transplantaion

A few years ago i had a kidney transplant.  

Until that time i always had a really good and fullfilling sex life, but since the transplant the sensation and power behind my physical orgasms have diminished to nil, and now i am experiencing the retrograde ejaculation, it is causing me really severe burning pain.

The consultant i had originally told me after the transplant that this was one of the risks involved (although he was the first person to ever discuss this with myself) and now my libido is at its lowest it has ever been I can barely get anyone in the British NHS system to listen to how desperately this is effecting my life.

Can cyclosporine cause this?  Has anyone experienced the same?

How can I approach this matter now so that i am seen as winging, but as a patient who feels his aftercare has really been neglected.
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How's your general physical health now, compared to before?  

With a fresh kidney, I'd imagine you're far better able to boost your general health considerably (are you doing so?).  

Are you taking any blood pressure meds, to keep your blood pressure down?
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To be honest with you i feel i have just swapped one set of problems for another.

Dont get me wrong, I'm not wishing to appear in any way ungrateful, God forbid, and the transplant has certainly extended my life without dialysis, but the operation itself has also brought about a lot of additional serious problems which I didnt have before.

For example, after each meal i now collapse with low BP when the blood rushes to the stomach to digest my food which i have had to deal with now for the past seven years and the anti rejection meds called cyclosporine have caused a lot of unpleasant 'mole like' crusty brown lesions on my torso which can be very itchy.

The biggest problem though was not the recovery process, but getting away from the 'one size suits all patients' aproach from the medical profession and the lack of basic communications between not only the internal departments, but between my own GP and the hospital.

Believe me, i have tried so hard to find a solution to the pain which i experience around the transplant kidney now when i orgasm, and the lack of prostate sensation and burning after ejaculation since the operation. My particular hospital has a urology and andrology department combined, but again, the lack of communication means that even after all this time, i have not got any further in finding a solution to even make things even a little better.

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Well, for starters I suggest you study the list of side effects for cyclosporine to see if those help explain your symptoms.  Physical fitness is something I urge you to work on improving so far as readily managed, even if it seems bothersome.

Your eating / lowered blood pressure suggest to me you could try reducing your meal sizes (perhaps increase the number of meals/day if you're at a healthy weight).  Digestion does involve quite a bit of our blood supply, but somewhat less for lighter (and easier to digest) meals.  

You might give thought to seeking out easier to digest food choices.  I'm almost a vegan vegetarian and happened to come across the point that fermented foods are already partially digested and tend to be easier to digest.  Two of my food staples, rolled oats (for porridge), and brown rice, are fermented for one to three days prior to cooking, to good effect.  Sprouting seems similarly helpful (steaming sprouted dried beans is another of my food staples).
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I tend to agree with much of what you say and have in fact already modified my diet by design rather than choice.

Fatty foods for example caused the biggest problems, as did portion size.  Now i tend to eat only fresh fruit and vegatables and certainly as little processed foods as possible.

One thing which made matters MUCH worse when taking the cyclosporine was the addition of any foodstuff containing Palm Oil.

i had certainly never even thought of it before and it was only by trial and error, removing one by one the suspect additives and processed ingredients from my diet that were adding to my collapse was this additive positively found to be so detrimental to my transplanted kidney.  

Apparently it interacts badly with patients who have been prescribed cyclosporine.

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Well, kidney.org urges avoiding saturated fats such as Palm Oil.  Their site has quite a few diet suggestions (in their chloresteral and chronic kidney disease section).  

While you've a transplanted kidney and presumably no kidney disease as such, I think it's prudent to seek out and use a kidney friendly diet, along with lifestyle choices leading to a body environment that give the kidney the best survival chances.  

We manufacture our own saturated fat so technically, there's no particular dietary need to consume it.  My principal fat/oil source is e.v. Olive Oil, I don't think I've eaten any foods containing a saturated fat for several years.
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The use of Palm Oil is not good for the renal and cardiovascular system anyhow because it is of an exceptionally high saturated fat content even when compared to pure butter of lard, but its crammed into processed foods because its a cheapo alternative. so now we only use virgin olive oil in our cooking.  

I cant believe people are so dumb now as to feed their kids with processed foods anyhow let wlone something so dangerous but i guess not everybody takes the time out to read the packaging.

Renal diets can be even more challenging though so i guess it really is wise to know from the start what is going inside of us.
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Apart from cyclosporine are you on any other medication? I am not aware of any direct link between renal transplant and retrograde ejaculation. I also wonder if testosterone replacement therapy might have a role here. In any event you are right not to just lie back and take this. There is no question of your winging. Everyone deserves at least some kind of a sex life.
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I take a combination of mycophenolate and prednisolne to stop the anti rejection of the kidney but the retrograde ejaculation appears to stem for the actual operation itself.

I couldnt believe afterwards when i was casually told that this sometimes occurs with renal transplants and i had to accept it.

I dont.  And from the information i have attemted to find through other renal medicine websites and networks, it is not a natural occurrence either.

Neither should there be such pain and burning when i do reach climax and ejaculate.  I do not have an STD, that has all been checked out as clear,  but the paid is as if the transplanted kidney is physically being ripped out of my stomach.

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Well, I strongly suspect it was the operation (involving the nerves and/or urethra) that have contributed directly to your current problem.  True, some drugs can lead to it (but I've seen no mention elsewhere of pain being involved).   Short of rather dodgy (imo) surgery to attempt to correct matters (it might be a major challenge finding a competent surgeon willing to try), I think you may find you're left with coping.

One coping method for uncontrolled pain is to accept and understand it, then retrain yourself to embrace it as part of the orgasm (a masochistic perspective), and may be a point to ponder as a possible workaround solution.
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