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Long lasting Balanitis and scarring of the foreskin and glans

Hello Community,

at first I have to say that I am not a native english speaker.

Im a 23 years old uncircumcised male.

My problem started like 14 months ago when I felt a burning and itching on my glans.

The problem didnt get better and I when to see a dermatologist who made tests for STDs and prescribed me an anti-fungal treatment with clotrimazol.

The tests where all negative at that time and the clotrimazol cream only gave relief for a short amount of time.

I went to more doctors, a lot of them said that they cant see anything uncommon at my penis.
When I was at my urologist I said that I want to have my sperm checked and he found some sort of Haem. Parainfluenzae bacteria in it.

At that time I had to wear my foreskin pulled back all the time, becuase the foreskin "shriveled" my glans and it hurt a lot.There were also already a lot of small cracks on the glans because of the permanent inflammation.
My Foreskin also has small cracks in it and I think that the "shriveling" of my glans maybe occurs because the scarring has made the foreskin too tight. I usually masturbate a lot.

I was descirbed antibiotics for a week and the symptoms got much better then.

Now I only have the problem that the skin is damaged so much, that the scarring gets worse when i masturbate or when im having sex. Im still not really able to wear the foreskin above the glans, because it shrivels the glans, hurts and the scars on my glans seem bigger after it.

My Glans also isnt really smooth anymore. It more feels sticky. I also noticed that the veins on my shaft got bigger and darker, even when I dont have an erection.

I also tried Zinc Oxide, Coconut Oil and got described topical steroids(which worsended the condition I think).

Is there a way to remove these scars and more important to restore the originally smooth feeling of my glans?

Do you think that a partial Circumsion could help?


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No one has got an idea?
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Here are two more Photos.

One shows the slighty enlarged veins, the other photo shows the cracked foreskin.

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No one? :(
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Everything looks normal within balanitis symptoms. It's common for the foreskin to tighten and dry and crack during balanitis infection. I had many when i was younger and it happened everytime. The veins also seem normal, with age they become more noticeable.
Did you do the clotrimazol treatment to the end?
Fungus are really hard to get rid of, you really need to complete the treatment. Very often after one week the symptoms are gone and people stop using the cream, BIG MISTAKE! You need to keep using the cream 2x or 3x per day for 4 weeks, even if it looks "healed" before that.
Circumcision would help in the sense that the glans would become dry and fungus don't like dry environments, so it would help indirectly (it is still possible to get balanitis, but much harder).
Thanks lot for you reply.

I will try to use the clotrimazol for a longer time now.

Do you have an idea what I can do to prevent the cracks from extending?

It seems like the cracks get larger every day, although the inflammation doesnt seem to persist anymore.
Not much... all you can do is keep the skin moisturized, a moisturizer with some fat content  is probably better.
I assume you have been applying clotrimazol to the foreskin too. If you haven't , you should! (wait a couple of hours before/after using moisturizer)

Another thing that might be happening is the fungus became resistant, if you interrupted the previous treatments often. You might need to change cream,(miconazol 2% instead of clotrimazol 1%) or take anti-fungal pills (fluconazol) to complement the cream.
Pills are considered only as last resort, anti-fungal pills are really heavy on the liver!
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Here are 3 more photos which show the scarrings.

I have to mention that I had an HPV-Infection in the past, could it be asociated with this infection?

And is there a possibility that a chlamydia-infection, which wasnt properly detected, could be the trigger of the balanitis?
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