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Masturbared 2 days after partial orchiectomy and feel pain,am i alright?

I masturbated and ejaculated 2 days after partial orchiectomy operation on my right testicle. 2 hours later, I feel pain when i touch my right testicle. Am I alright? Can someone answer my question? I am too afraid to tell anyone now!!
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This sounds normal to me,
however your surgeon schould be  able to tell you more.
Please do not be afraid to tell your doctor.

BR: Sash
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Hi , here some info on the procedure :
Surgical Therapy

Surgical therapy consists of partial orchiectomy (excisional biopsy) under ultrasound and needle guidance. Frozen-section analysis results dictate whether radical or partial orchiectomy is indicated.

Preoperative Details

Candidates for partial orchiectomy must have negative findings on serum marker studies, abdominal CT scanning, and chest radiography. The patient must be counseled that a negative frozen-section result followed by a positive pathology result on final pathologic diagnosis would require delayed radical orchiectomy. In addition, sperm banking must be offered, if applicable. Testicular sperm extraction at the time of partial orchiectomy can also be offered to patients with azoospermia.

Intraoperative Details

Open excisional biopsy is similar to radical inguinal orchiectomy in many ways. The authors' treatment algorithm is as follows:

An inguinal incision is made to deliver the testis and spermatic cord.
Towels are placed over the incision.
The testis is manipulated on a towel away from the incision.
Intraoperative ultrasonography is used to locate the mass.
A needle is passed into the mass for localization.
The mass is excised with a margin of normal parenchyma. Cold ischemia can be used.
Postexcisional ultrasonography is performed to evaluate for a hypoechoic lesion.
The specimen is sent for frozen-section pathological analysis.
If the frozen analysis result is benign, the testis is placed into the scrotum and the wound is closed.
If the frozen analysis result shows viable tumor, radical orchiectomy is performed.
Postoperative Details

A scrotal support is applied, and the patient is instructed to avoid strenuous activity for 2-3 weeks postoperatively.


Follow-up ultrasonography 1-2 months after surgery is recommended to ensure the patient has no residual mass.


Complications of partial orchiectomy include the following:

False-negative frozen-section analysis result
Tumor spillage
Incomplete incision of the tumor mass
Testicular infarction

So you see that the person who actually performed the operation is among the best to be asked here.
To me it sounds normal to have this pain, it would be good to keep such activities to minimum.

Hope this helps
BR: Sash83 at Open Consult Portal EU
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Will the testes get hurt (since it was stitched) when pumping out some sperms causing haematocele? Please answer. Thank you !
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Thanks so much,  Are u a doctor?
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