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My penis smells very very bad after a cured infection named balanitis ?

I am 27 years old ,unmarried , sexually inactive ,
  My penis was just perfect before this infection(no smell at all) ,
i got it from a masaage parlour girl 2 years back ,
without having sex just body yo body massage (our genitals might got touch),
doctor said I had balanitis, it cured within 3-4 months completely ,even tested for all STD and thankfully all came negative
  but after treatment my penis skin became thin due to antifungal and anti bacterial creams with steroid  

i am uncircumcised , and now i have very very small red dots on head (visible only when it is erect) of penis and light red skin under head

Detailed explanation
1. I wash it with water daily  ,because i stoped using soap after infection , as if was causing the infection to come back
2.now i can use soap but smell come automatically after few hours
4. even after i dry it towel , under skin still feels moisture in it

5. Head of penis and under skin are SHINNY  , which was not before infection .

6. I know that i do not have infection now because before it was red bumbs a lot of them with few white heads , but  its all cured within 3-4 months

7 .when i pull it back it smell like some bad gas is released and the more air flow it gets , lower  the smell feels

My questons
1. can i cure this smelly penis problem?

2. Can my skin become thik as thik as it was before ?

3.how to wash it to make less smelly?

4. If i have unprotected sex with my future partner , will her vagina also get this smelly problem ?
And can she get any kind of infection due to this ??

5. Can i get cured with circumcision?
Does circumcision have any side effects at the age of 27 ?

6. Is it safe if takes my penis in her mouth ? Dont know about this very very bad smell and what it can do !

Please help me
I am just fed up with this smell and want to get rid of it

Thank you very much in advance
Please HELP
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You don't need to think about circumcision. Try a non-soap cleanser. You might have really sensitive skin there, or an allergic reaction, but you do need more than water to clean the area.

I don't know where you live, so I can't tell you what brands to use - they vary from place to place. Just look for one that says "non-soap cleanser" and hopefully, "gentle" on it.

In the meantime, it sounds as if your balanitis may have recurred. This is common. You should see your doctor. Don't have sex until you get this cleared up.

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No balanitis i know ,  but it smell like rotten fish , what to do , i live in india in delhi , please advice , thanks
It could be a UTI - https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/smelly-penis

You need to see a doctor. I can't tell you what it is. You may need some lab tests. Whatever it is, it's probably just an infection of some kind and is easily treated.
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