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My wife is not comfortable with noticeably smaller penis size.

As of the last 3 months my flaccid penis size has shrunk almost 3 inches.  Now I appear as the I'm not circumsized and its sucked in.  My erections are also noticeable smaller according to my wife.  This is concerning both of us.  What could be causing this?  I have no pain and can still achieve very hard erection but its shorter and thinner.
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Well, the size of a flaccid penis shouldn't matter. That I'd not worry about although if the appearance of your penis is changing and you are retracting or shrinking and it isn't related to cold or something like that, you should talk to a doctor.  You need to talk to a doctor about what is going on and they may order a testosterone test to know if your level is low. Did you start any new medications?  Peyronies Disease (scar tissue builds up and causes a bend in the penis)  is another reason that causes shrinking.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320883#what-are-the-treatment-options  If you were just small, that's life. But if this is a changing situation, talk to your doctor to understand why.
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