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Need to know why my Meatus is raw on the left side

I have 2 major concerns, how’re ever in this question I’m seeking an answer to my first major concern. I received oral sex in November 2020. It was rough, I never felt pain during and it was short. I was paranoid the next day and weeks but didn’t have any symptoms. 3 weeks later I started to feel some sensitivity in my urinate meatus and it would feel irritated really being against my boxer briefs. 4 weeks after sexual encounter I had a STD checkup done. HIV, Herpes 1/2, Syphillis, Gonnorhea, all 3 heps, trich, and  Chlamydia. Everything came back negative. I’m aware of window periods so I got tested for Gon/Chladmydia, Syphillis , and HIV at 7 weeks. Then Syphillis at 12 weeks, Gon/Cham, trich, and pretty much everything besides mycoplasma gen and N. men at 16 weeks. Everything negative. Urinalysis shows nothing wrong. At 7 weeks I went to my GP for the pain in my meatus and tip of penis which was constant and almost unbearable at the time, I also had what appeared to be a shingles outbreak of 2 itchy painful bumps/clusters. He prescribed me batrim and valtrex. He couldn’t tell me why my meatus looked like it did. After 2 weeks the shingles were gone and irritation of meatus was better but still irritated. Then came the dysuria(always after urination),and pain in the tip of my penis especially when I engage my pelvic floor muscles, and sphincter. At 12 weeks I went to my urologist. He performed a DRE and held his finger on my prostate for what felt like a lifetime. I’ve never felt pain like that and it was all in the tip of my penis! He said he didn’t see anything wrong with my meatus and prescribed me levofloxacin for 8 weeks. After 8 weeks I did not notice that big of a difference so I took it for 12 weeks. Now I feel better than I have but my meatus is still raw on the left side, pain in my tip comes and goes, and the dysuria seems to be gone but I still burn in tip sometimes. I’m posting links of my pics of my meatus. My skin is rigid on the left side and hasn’t grown back. This has been going on for 5 months now.
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So when he did the DRE, and you experienced all the pain, he gave you 8 weeks of antibiotics, did he tell you that you had prostatitis? It sounds like that's what he's treating, and that's a common cause of pain, irritation and swelling of the meatus.

If you are still experiencing problems, you need to follow up with your doctor. There are different types of prostatitis - some are bacterial, some are not. https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/urologic-diseases/prostate-problems/prostatitis-inflammation-prostate

Follow up with your doctor.

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Thank you for your response. Yes he’s treating me for prostatitis. I’m actually changing urologist because I’m not satisfied with his service. He’s offered no other test besides the DRE and urinalysis. I don’t know if this is bacterial or non bacterial. I’m really concerned on the affect that this has all had on my meatus. Is it possible for prostatitis to cause that?
Apologies Jessie, I missed the part where you said prostatitis can cause all those symptoms. Thank you again.
You're welcome. I agree that a change of urologists may be a good idea, if for no other other reason than you have to trust your doctor and have good communication.

Keep us posted. :)
So I went back to the second urologist I had seen and had a cystoscopy done. The Dr. didn’t see any issues in my urethra and nothing unusual in my urinary tract. I asked for a prostatic fluid test and he gave me a half ass prostate massage and had me pee in a cup. Not to mention I still had all the water he filled my bladder with during the cystoscopy. His reasoning was the test is so sensitive it will pick up anything in my prostate testing water and urine. He also diagnosed me with acute prostatitis when I’ve been going through this for 7 months. So..on to my third urologist at the University Hospital. He prescribed me a corticosteroid for 6 days to reduce my inflammation. He did a DRE and said he didn’t feel anything alarming. He actually told me he saw the issue with my meatus skin being pushed back and torn; he didn’t offer an explanation and I understand that. He was positive about it saying it should heal but it won’t looked them same. All in all my pain is less severe. For periods throughout the day I have none at all. I’m contemplating seeing a dermatologist about this meatus. I don’t understand why it’s not healed. It’s been 7 months.
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