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Overdose? Or just bad mix? adderall/2c-E

Hello, The other week I had a severe drug issue and i'm not sure if I should have gone to the hospital at the time or not, either way I’m still here and didn't go. I'm 18 years old, 140 pounds and white.

Main points:

Didn't sleep for 2 days
Didn't eat for 2.5 days
20 mgs of 2c-E one day
60 mgs adderall the next

2c-E = http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/2ce/

Anyway, I had been taking 30-50mgs of Adderall daily for the previous 2 weeks (I am not ADD, I used the drug to help me work) Well, on a Monday I didn't eat any adderall but at about 11:30 I took 20 mgs of 2c-E (A Hallucinogenic Phenethylamine), so I tripped all that night and didn't go to sleep. The next day I took 60 mgs of adderall at about 3 pm because I was tired from not sleeping the night before and had to go to work. While at work my chest began to tighten up and it was hard for me to breath. None of the positive effects of the adderall were ever felt, like the motivation to do anything, tingling in legs, talkative, etc. Then I began to have random muscle spasms, had a headache and didn't feel well at all. When I finally got home (midnight), none of the positive effects of the Adderall had still not hit me, and I began to feel nauseous. At this time my girlfriend was at my house and I was lying on the bed and I began shaking. I threw up 4 + times and my chest continued to tighten and unable me to breath. I couldn't look upwards or I'd get extremely nauscious and eventually my hands and forearms began to get the feeling like they fell asleep. (The needles prickling). At one point I went to get up to puke and I ended up falling over and passing out unconscious but only for about 30 seconds. When I got up I could not hear anything except a faint buzzing... like a radio almost. My hearing slowly came back over a period of 15 minutes. I finally fell asleep and the next morning everything was worse. I could barely walk in a straight line; I was very disoriented, had no appetite and my face/hands/forearms kept "falling asleep." The prickling sensations on my face were insane; my eyes even began to feel it. I then passed out for the 2nd time, having the same effect when I came back. (No hearing but a faint buzz) I then took 200 mgs of seroquel and slept for 18 hours. When I woke up I felt fine but still a little disoriented.

So... my main question is do think there is some damage that may have been done to my body that I should still get checked out or do you think I'm fine?
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oops!  Sorry, I thought it didn't post right the first time... stupid computer!

Does anybody else have problems getting their posts up on this site?  Sometimes it seems like it's the site's fault.
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Y'all may have better luck getting responses to this kind of tking in the Substance Abuse - Addiction forum... we only talk about penises here... haha... just kidding! ;-)
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Y'all might have better luck with this kind of topic in the Substance Abuse - Addiction forum.  We only talk about penises here... haha... just kidding... ;-)
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i am having a huge drug issue too. I ODed on adderall. but i am prescribed for it 25 mg a day. I took 280-305 mg in a ocuple of hours and im dying . its been a couple of days i have been missing school and ditching it behind my parents backls i  am 16 years old. female. 120 pounds and i am going in sane, everything u can think of and wehn i stop using the drug i become so severely depressed.  i just cant take it anymore idk what to do. if the feeling comes back go get checked!! im too scared to get checked. i have been getting advice and everyone says go to poison control and or emergency room. do what u gotta do. go get helped before things get worse..
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