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hello please help me diagnose this issue. it is very scary to me, I have not had sex recently so it is not std. I masturbated and the next day i woke up my penis looks like this...
On day 2 now, the swelling is reduced after sleeping but still there.

there seems to be swelling on the penis (refer to images link below)

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So your penis blew up after masturbation. Was it rough?  I take it that it must have been or at least went on for a extended period of time. This CAN happen. It's called oedema and it is when fluid builds up in the skin due to friction. It normally self corrects. Go easy on yourself, lay off the masturbation until it improves. Call your doctor and go see them if it doesn't.
just wanted to thank you for that, yes it went away after 2 weeks. not sure why it happened in the first place, never seen it occurred again though till now.
Hey, you are so welcome!  Really appreciate your coming back and following up!  Stay well!
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