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PSA Continues to Climb over 10 Now

Hello - I am 55 yrs old.  My PSA numbers started climbing 1.5 yrs ago.  I have had 3 needle biopsies and a prostate MRI in the past 12 months.  All test come back negative for cancer.  My brother was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in April of 2018.  His PSA was 5.4 when diagnosed.  My last test showed a PSA of 10.2.  It was 7.4 in May 2018 and continues to climb.  I have problems urinating, emptying bladder completely.  One urologist says prostate is 3 to 4 times normal size.  I am currently taking Dutasteride, but have taken Rapaflo, Myrbetrig and others over the years.  They work for 3 months then right back to same urination issues.  I am concerned about elevating PSA numbers but have not gotten answers after seeing 4 different urologist!  Ideas ?
Thanks for your times!  God Bless
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums. Thank you for your question but we are sorry you are having to sort this out.  Working with your doctor is important even if they are not giving ready answers at the moment.  They have probably told you that enlarging prostate is common as men get older.  Most will have this happen to some extent.  Having an enlarged prostate does not  increase your risk of prostate cancer.  It does sometimes interfere with diagnosis though because of an overlapping of symptoms. I am glad you have been diligent about following up though and checking for cancer which to date has been negative. Sounds like they are using all the different medicinal agents to treat you at this point.  There is also surgery to consider down the road as well as some less invasive procedures that they are starting to use more.  Here is some info on enlargement of the prostate. https://www.webmd.com/prostate-cancer/enlarged-prostate#1.

As to the higher psa number and we agree that is quite high, what does your doctor or these four doctors say in explanation of this?  PSA numbers will rise with age and also with enlarged prostates.  I do certainly understand why you are concerned. Have you had a biopsy?  This article talks about PSA levels.  Some men do indeed have higher levels without it being related to cancer.  However, it puts you at a higher risk.  So, diligently continuing to monitor is important.  https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/15282-elevated-psa-prostate-specific-antigen-level.  

Continue to ask questions of your doctor and follow up.  Keep us informed of your progress.  
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