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Pain in belly button

Hi, about 4 weeks ago I had a pain in my bellybutton it felt deep down in the belly. A week later the pain suddenly went and there was puss and a tiny bit of blood coming from the button. I had suffered from a peri anal abscess about 2 years ago and the puss was very similar. The doctor took a swob and it came back fine and i have had two sets of anti-botics. I am still feeling rubbish and my belly button in still very moist when i out my finger in and it does smell a bit. I have a gland up in my under arm now which is sore and also i have aches in my muscles and joints. (Not all the time).

Any recommendations on what I should do as I still think this is linked to the abscess as it all started from when i first got it.

Many thanks
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It sounds loike you should get a second opinion. If it were just your belly button causing the problems that would be different. I had the same thing and my Dr said it was eczema and gave me some ointment. It's all healed. You're still not feeling good though and that's why I recommend a second opinion. The two could be related, or, they could be a separate problem.
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Thanks for your reply, thus all started the same week as me and my wife lost a baby at 25 weeks (during pregency) aswell the week after i found out that my work were making redunacy. Not sure if stress is related.

Not a great 2013
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Sorry to hear of your sad loss and that you may become redundant.

The symptoms that you describe are not stress related.  Stress can make you feel ill with worry and also your bereavement, but stress would not give you physical symptoms of pus coming out of your belly button or a swollen gland.

I agree with remar that you should make another appointment with the doctor, perhaps have a different doctor at the surgery.  You may require a blood test to find out the reason of the swollen gland.  Your body is clearly fighting some sort of infection.

As you are 27 and your underarm gland is swollen with your other symptoms, ask your doctor if you could get checked out for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Best wishes.
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I'm so sorry for you loss. Yes, that can cause so much stress. I do agree with Jemma though. It would not make puss come out of your belly button or make you have swollen glands. Let's hope you have a better 2014.
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