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Pain on my weiner

Alright so here it is, strange story. I started working out this year every day. I also had a crazy weekend in Vegas a couple weeks ago. Heres what happened, at a strip club, stripper is doing her thing, pulls my Ween out and licks the end of it. I didn't want to do that type thing with a stripper but instead of a ** I took a handy. Fast forward 2 weeks, back to normal life, working out everyday but this week I started hitting the stair master every day for 45 mins. First day the head of my ding dong starts hurting a bit, second day it hurt and today it hurts. Feels like its been rubbed or chaffed but there is no skin irritation.

I web md'd that crap and it says it could be a simple irritation OR is says all these STD's and stuff but all I have is a spot on the head of my **** that hurts. Feels like its been rubbed raw but there is no skin irritation. All these STD things talk about **** dripping and puss, stuff like that. Could it be just hitting the stair master too much and rubbing a sensitive spot? While I was on it this morning I noticed the movement was hurting it.

I guess just reading all the Web MD stuff has me stressed out a bit. Can you get an STD from a 2 second stripper lick?
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Update a day later it is feeling better and more of a bruise/raw area. WebMD scared me
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Any sexual touch with an unknown person for even for a second can give you one of STDs. One has to be caution and get the medical examination done. Even skin touching skin give you some infection.
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