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Pelvic floor muscle during sex

Hi everyone. When you tighten your pelvic floor muscle does that also prevent blood from flowing into your penis?
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No, those muscles support your bladder and bowel. They don't have anything to do with blood flow. They are the same muscles you squeeze if you are trying to stop urine flow, or stop a bowel movement (poop).

Here's a decent article on it - https://www.continence.org.au/who-it-affects/men/male-pelvic-floor-muscles It's from Australia, so the spellings are a bit different than the US's or UK's might be.
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Thank you. So why do i lose my erection when i squeeze my pelvic floor muscle (when i'm trying to delay the ejaculation) during sex?
If you're focusing so much on the mechanics of sex instead of just enjoying the sensation and having fun, your erection might decide you're not into it and not bother either. Do you have an issue with ejaculating too early, or are you just trying to last longer because you think ladies like it? If you have a genuine premature-ejaculation problem, talk to your doctor.  
There are a lot of ways to delay ejaculation.  I've never heard of the one you're using and it would take some concentration, which might be distracting you.  The above is true, if your mind drifts away from attraction to your partner or how good it feels the erection can suffer.  Might not, but it can.  Here are some ways to do it that might work better for you:  think of something that isn't arousing.  This too can take your concentration away, but without affecting how you're moving.  Don't recommend it, but it works.  What I do recommend is changing positions, assuming you are speaking of having intercourse, when you feel you are about to ejaculate.  Another is to vary the angle.  Another is to change speeds -- slowing down or speeding up your thrusts will slow down your ejaculation.  Do know, though, you do need to know your partner.  A lot of women don't actually like spending a lot of time having sex, so they might actually prefer you get done.  Depends on the woman, but women and men react differently to sex and if the woman you're with is able to orgasm, they can do it often and much more quickly than men can.  So they might be satisfied and done with you and just waiting for you to finally get it over with so they can do the laundry.  I like delaying because it intensifies the strength of the orgasm, but I have learned as I've aged that, again, marketing might make it seem women like it to last a really long time but the woman you're with may not.  People aren't the same, and you find as you get older that a lot of women aren't all that into sex the way men are and often have different reasons for liking it.  We're not supposed to say that, but it's true, and regrettably you often don't find this out until you talk to your now former partner.  Peace.
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