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Penile redness on the glans head and foreskin with red spider veins.

For the past couple of months since the summer I have had penile redness on my forskin and the head. It’s red and irritated around the tip, and sore when touched. Even when rubbed against something. But I’ve noticed little red veins on my foreskin when my skin is pulled back, and on my shaft I’m also Circumcised. It gets really red and irritated when errected, and the red veins are more noticeable. I also have pain sometimes when urinating. I have never had this before. I have though been masterbating a lot without lube. The way I stroke though I do it around the foreskin and push upward. Sorry about this. Is this serious. I have a Doctors appointment coming up but it’s not until March, and I don’t see my Urologist until next September. Should I be worried. Plz reply as soon as possible.
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