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Penis swollen after gym workout!

Hello there,
About a couple of hours ago i arrived home after a gym workout ( which ive started for about 6-8 days now)
I headed to shower as usual, took my clothes off, went to urinate, and there was my penis half inflated, from the buttom half and down. It this inflated layer feels so weird.
It is not red, i feel no pain, i can urinate with no pain either.
I was so scared i wanted to see if i could get an erection and i did but my penis looks really weird.
I would like to note that i did masturbate once 3 days ago after working out.
Other than that it is surely not HIV or an infection because i havent had sexual intercourse in years, and genital hygiene is a priority to me.
I have surfed the internet quite a while before writing here, but i could find anything useful.
Hopefully i will here.
Would like to hear from experts or someone who had gone through this already.
Your help will be much appreciated.
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How are things now?  There is something called genital lymphodema that is due to a blockage or damage to the lymph system.  https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/15994-genital-lymphedema  There is primary but that is usually a long standing issue someone has and there is secondary which happens because of another issue going on.  This would likely be secondary for you.  I'd see your doctor if you haven't already.  Is the swelling all gone now?
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Thankfully I woke up the next day with everything back to normal, i had to brainstorm to figure out what caused the issue, because it happened right after my workout . I was working out on this machine https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcR5MEvrjlf8lihxpHLh-zy4iCjgk19IxFoBxA&usqp=CAU and i believe my posture was incorrect as i was a bit higher than i was supposed to be, thus there was a bit of pressure on by genitals. I do remember now that i felt some weird movement down there without any pain though that's why i proceeded with the workout.
Advice: If you ever work on that machine especially if your tall like me make sure your genitals are right under the edge of the pad, if you feel anything strange occuring stop the exercise find your perfect position and the proceed.
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