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Peyronie's disease symptoms aged 24?

Hi all,
I have just gotten off the phone with a consultant in urology, about possible scarring the penis as followed up by a gp. There was a chordee, then came mild trauma and here I am now. At this stage they are unsure if it will get worse over time so I am going for an exam soon.

The consultant did recommended against surgery which I wouldn't go for anyway. He also suggested penis pumps (whilst erect?) to change this, however honestly after reading into this and my own judjment this seems very unsafe, can anyone confirm or object.
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Sounds like a good next step.  When will you see the doctor in person? Penile traction is often what they try early on but you need doctor's guidance before doing anything.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/peyronies-disease/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20353473
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This is something I have been looking into a bit, the "94 percent reported increased length" sounds great as well. Honestly if I work on the stretching, maybe the flaccid pump, that etc. and just general self-enhancement it will probably just fix itself along the way. If there is scar tissue, there is that injection you can get but I am not sure about long term saftey or side effects.
Well, the best thing is to talk to your doctor. THEY can guide you rather than online discussions and trying to come up with your own game plan. But from my reading, penile traction is the likely place they'd go to first.
Thanks. I had the letter come through the post just before about what it may be, they presumed chordee and it had said peyronie's disease on the letter due to trauma. I have an exam, and a self-treatment option with a bath pump, but as you say it hasn't been seen.
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Did the urologist actually see your penis or was it just a phone consult? I don't think I'd do anything unless it was actually examined.
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Yeah like from first instinct the penis pump seems very unsafe random how it would be suggested.
There is some evidence that it may help Peyronie's, but it may also make it worse.

Since your diagnosis was by phone, I'd wait until you can be examined to be sure.
Yes it's the best way.
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