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Please help - white abrasions on head of penis from friction not healing

So a few months ago I noticed 2 white spots on the tip of my penis due to vigorous friction / masturbation. I stopped rubbing it but it doesn't seem to be healing at all. Its not an STD because ive never had sex. So its definitely from friction. I really want it to heal because I hate the way it looks and it would make me self-conscious if I get into a relationship. the fact that its not healing is stressing me out so much I don't want to have white marks on my penis for the rest of my life PLEASE HELP. ive been using a penile moisturizer with vitamin e and shea butter but it doesn't seem to be helping

Thank you for your time
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You asked about this back in August. Have you seen a doctor about it? Are you sure it's from friction? Maybe it's a fungal infection or something else, but you really need to go to the doctor.
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