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Please help me out

Hi, I'm a 15 year old boy and i have a loot of concerns, which are currently stressing me out which can make my testosterone levels drop, I don't want that. First things first, I've joined a gym and this is my third week now my major concern regarding the gym is "masturbation" I have researched a heck lot and everybody says, "its okay", "its normal". And some said that not just regular stress causes testosterone drops but also sexual stress, and masturbating eliminates it. Now as a thin guy trying to bulk up i need all the testosterone i can get. And i reached the point where i might actually cry because i do not know what the **** am i supposed to do, but i try to calm myself down, well it only works to reduce the crying but deep inside GOD I'M STRESSED! its that I've been masturbating for about 3 years now, and i don't know, should i stop? Because some say its healthy and i see the exact opposite. I started seeing the exact opposite since my penis started to bent and my penis was never like that until i started masturbating, its a downwards bent and it tends to fall on the left side but I'm more worried about the downwards bent, because well, i researched and some say it may cause erectile dysfunction, i don't want that at ALL. because erectile dysfunction either decreases testosterone or is something caused by low testosterone levels, I don't know. I researched a bit more and i found out its something called "Peyronie's disease" people say its a condition not a disease though. and its said that its treatment requires this thing that u put around your penis to get better traction or something, i cant buy that my parents will know and they will beat me up. so I'm just a little 15 year old boy that's being ****ed emotionally and physically by his ****. Im afraid this affects me on the long run with my wife or that I won't be able to like get kids. And I'm afraid that it'll affect my performance int he gym or ruin all my progress. I am scared.

Please doctor/whoever is reading this tell me what to, please help me out.

Yeah and don't ask me for money so you can help me, because I don't have a visa, and i don't have any money.

Please respond ASAP
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You are a young man.  You do not need to worry about masterbating and testosterone levels on the average.  You are most likely fine in terms of testosterone levels and wanting to work out and bulk up.  Your penis is less likely to bend because of masterbating, unless you are injuring yourself (which would have been painful).  Not all erections point up...some point down, like you say, and curves to the penis is completely normal.

I am sure you are just fine!
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