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Prostatitis Questions

7 weeks ago my husband went to the Urgent Care Dr because of frequency, urgency, burning, groin pain and pain at the tip of his penis. These symptoms were sporadic and had been coming and going for several weeks. The dr performed an exam, including a prostate exam and said that he had Prostatitis. He was put on an 8 day course of Cipro. Around day 4 the symptoms started to improve and he was feeling better.

About a week later the symptoms came back and were more constant. This time we went to the Urologist. They too said that he had Prostatitis and that a long term antibiotic is needed to get rid of it and was put on Doxycycline for 6 weeks. We are starting week 5 of the antibiotic and the symptoms are still coming and going. Not so much the urgency and frequency, but still the burning sometimes, groin pain and pain at the tip of the penis on a regular basis. It's crazy because he can have a few good days where he has no symptoms at all and then have a rough couple of days with symptoms.  

Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue with the antibiotic not really helping, what you did or if it was something totally different.  
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This sounds extremely frustrating and we are sorry your husband is going through this.  Here is information on chronic prostatitis.  https://www.webmd.com/men/guide/prostatitis#1.  This states that it can linger, unfortunately, for months.  This is also why your husband is on a full 6 weeks.  If your husband does not improve, he may fall into the category within the above article of chronic pelvic pain syndrome.  This is when bacteria is hard to detect but the symptoms are there and are triggered by stress and such things.  Nerve damage can be the culprit at this point as well.

I'd say to continue to treat with the medication and see if this doesn't resolve with in a month or so.  I know it is hard to see someone uncomfortable and hopefully this will fully resolve very soon!
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