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Question regarding persistant groin symptoms

Hello, So I had unprotected sex with a female on August 18th, 2019 (“one night stand”)… Approximately a week later I noticed somewhat of a painless red rash in my pelvic region above my penis. Then I started experiencing what felt like heat coming from my testicles. Other symptoms then appeared, they included prickly burning feeling on the tip of my penis, the shaft and testicles. I also have this feeling on the back of my legs and my anus. I have also been experiencing back, neck and leg pain, extreme soreness is what it feels like. These symptoms have persisted since the onset of symptoms (approximately 10 weeks.) I have not had an outbreak of any sores or blisters that I have noticed. I also contacted the female and she told me that she is not positive for any STD’s. I did notice some red spots on my butt and lower back, but they looked like folliculitis.

I have been to the doctor numerous times and had a full STD panel twice and three IGG tests. All tests have come back negative.

IGG test on 08/27/19: HSV 1 IGG: < 0.01, Negative, HSV 2 IGG: 0.13, Negative
IGG test on 09/04/19: HSV 1 IGG: < 0.01, Negative, HSV 2 IGG: 0.14, Negative
IGG test on 10/02/19: HSV 1 IGG: < 0.01, Negative, HSV 2 IGG: 0.11, Negative

I also had a western blot test done that came back negative, after that I had another Herpes IGG, AIDS, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and general physical blood test done and 22 weeks post exposure... everything came back negative and my blood work was good.. Now approximately 25 weeks post exposure I have noticed painless red spots on my inner thighs and on the area above my penis.. looks like a rash but again it is painless. I am still sprotically having the strange symptoms I listed before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Has a doctor actually seen this rash? Have they tried to culture or biopsy it? Is the rash you see now like the rash you saw a week after the encounter?

It's not an STD - you've been tested for everything, several times, and it's all negative, conclusively.

It could be an allergic reaction, dermatitis (and there are several types of dermatitis), eczema, a fungal infection like yeast, or a host of other things. Have you seen a dermatologist? That would be my recommendation.

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Oh and the pain in the tip of your penis, shaft and testicles could be prostatitis. You should also see a urologist. The urologist may be able to help with the skin stuff, so start there. If you have an inflamed prostate, that might be causing the other pain, too.
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