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Random Pleasurable Feeling in thigh.

I am a 30 year old male and ever since I was about 12 I've had this random feeling pop up in my inner thighs. It's feels so good and I have no idea what causes it. It can be one thigh or even both at the same time. Sometimes it could be so pleasurable that I have to sit down at times and if I try to rub it it feels even better. Almost feels like an orgasm but in my thighs.  Not that I'm complaining but has anyone else had this happen to them? Any idea what causes this?
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This just randomly happens with no stimuli? It doesn't happen after exercise, or when listening to music, or sitting in a certain position, or anything?

I can't find a single thing that could explain this, or even give it a name. Have you ever talked to a doctor about it? I mean, not that it needs to be fixed, or cured, but I wonder if it has something to do with a nerve response or something similar.
Yes it literally comes out of no where. No matter if I'm laying down or walking. If I try to rub it to make it stop sometimes it feels even better. I haven't asked a doctor what causes this because it sounds weird but I just might.
Go to the Doctor.
I'd be really interested to hear what a doctor says about it. If you decide to go, let me know what they say.

I'm sorry I couldn't help you figure it out, though.
It's ok, I appreciate the help. I will tell what they say when I go.
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You hear a lot about nerve pain that is unexplained but not pleasurable feelings.  But could be the same situation of this?  I'd speak to your primary care doctor but know this may be hard to talk about.  I couldn't find anything either. Do you get an erection during it?
Sometimes I do. Especially if it's on a day were it's feeling really good. I also noticed that if I rub certain areas of my thighs that triggers it. But other times it's just completely random
Yea I was kind of embarrassed to ever mention it to a doctor.
My take on it is that doctors often like unusual things.  It is interesting to them.  And they hear a lot of random and strange stuff so don't be embarrassed.
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