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Recurring sore on my penis

Pls I need your help. I had an u protected sex with my ex she was a bit try at some point to I applied blue band butter then the next day I was painless blisters all over my penis and like magic the day after that they’re all gone so I was thinking what could that be but few days after I decided to use my hand on myself then I realised the sore came only this time it’s itchy and filled with water i had to puncture it then it turned wound that goes away in about two weeks and since then anytime I masturbate it comes every month because I decided to use my hand and stay away from girls I’m not sick neither do I have any other symptoms I even went to do blood test and all nothing was found it’s becoming uncomfortable because it keeps coming almost 2 times a month or more
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Hi! If it still occurs, you should visit an urologist. From the description alone it is impossible to say what it is. It could be a sexually transmitted disease or something as harmless as contact dermatitis because of a lubricant or tissues... Stay safe.
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I agree to see a doctor.  Most definitely.  I don't know if this is something like what you are talking about:  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/molluscum-contagiosum/symptoms-causes/syc-20375226  They don't really become fluid filled though and I'm not sure if you are saying that is what is happening.  It could have been initially allergic reaction to the lube you used but it's lingering and comes back?  Do you still use that lube?  But really, hard to decipher what is happening and I'd go see a doctor as oculus12 suggests.
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