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Red, swollen and inflammed meatus, what could be the cause?

Hi all,

A few months back I had an encounter in which I received unprotected oral sex, followed by protected anal sex. After, I noticed that my meatus was red and it seemed enlarged. It seemed around the top of this, a new 'slit' had formed. I went to get this checked out and received negative results for all STDs. I was prescribed a cream and applied. This did not have any noticeable impact. I also discovered that after I urinate, urine would get trapped on the end of opening. If I dried this with a tissue, I could then squeeze in which a clear fluid (possibly urine) would come out of the new slit previously mentioned. I went back to the doctors for second tests to ensure that I did not get a false negative test. However, all tests were negative again. Given this, I have tried not to think about it.

However, 10 days ago I had another experience. Both received and performed unprotected oral sex, touching and protected sex. Since then I have checked on my meatus and it is still red and inflamed. I went to get checked after 6 days, along with some other routine blood check. My STIs results were negative, although I did have mild neutrophilia (high white blood cell count) which the doctor indicated as possible bacterial infection. Did another urine test and getting blood rechecked in 4 weeks time.

I am not sure if it is just anxiety but since I have felt a stiff neck and slightly swollen glands. I do drink a lot of water but have had frequent urination. If I have not drank a lot of water, my urine does have an odor. Furthermore, it can be 'frothy' which I believe i also a sign of an infection.

Has anyone got any ideas (if not a STD) would this could be? I have searched online and can see that a few alluding to prostatitis, or possibly scarring from a previous STI. From the blood check, it does sounds like some form of bacterial infection but not sure as to why this would not show up on the many STI tests I have had.

I have a few pictures which visual the above if this would help.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am constantly thinking about this which I know can not be helping issues.

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Sounds like you ruled std's out with your testing.  When you were at the doctor to get tested, did they examine you?  Could this be balanitis? https://www.webmd.com/men/penis-disorder-balanitis#1  This can sometimes be a hygiene problem.  You might need antibiotics and sometimes a doc can prescribe an anti fungal to treat it.  Did you have a doctor look at the inflamed area?
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Yes, I was wondering if they actually examined you - looked at what you are describing.
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