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Red bumps in pubic area

I’m a 23 year old sexually active male. About a month and a half ago I noticed red pimple like bumps in my pubic area about 5 of them. I ignored them thinking maybe it was from shaving. About a week ago I noticed they were still there. They are painless and nothing happens when I tried popping them so I ruled out herpes. I was thinking maybe it is molluscum? I started treating them with ACV and they scabbed up but are still there when the scabs fell off. I also put clearasil to see if maybe that will make them go down. I wouldn’t bother with them if they were anywhere else on my body but this is bothering my confidence. Thoughts?
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Go to the STD clinic and get it looked at.
I use Aciclovir Tablets and Chamomile oil diluted in baby oil.  Chamomile oil is good stuff
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What did you have that you used that oil?
Na, that's me using the Chamomile Oil off my own back. Tried all sorts to help and this stuff certainly helped a lot. :)
Acyclovir is for herpes. Unless you've been diagnosed with herpes, you don't need to take that.
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You posted this as a new thread. So we can keep everything in one place, and to make it easier for us to keep track, I'm copying it here:

I had posted about red raised bumps that looks like pimples in my pubic area last week. Here is a picture I took last week https://imgur.com/a/FhN0hPT . It may look kind of ugly in that picture because a scab had just came off of one after I was applying Apple cider vinegar to it. As of today they look like they are starting to fade but still feels like the bumps are raised. I’ve been applying clearasil 2-3 times a day on them. I have no pain from them and no other underlying symptoms which I guess is a good thing. They only get itchy sometimes but that’s from the skin being dry. Any idea what it is? They’ve been there for about 2 months now. I am sexually active. Thanks

Since you are using clearasil and apple cider vinegar, it's hard for us to know what it is. It could be folliculitis, or even a fungal infection, but it's hard to know what it looks like in it's natural state since you have dried it out so much.

You really need to let it be for a few days and see a doctor.
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Do you shave the area? Could they be shave bumps or infected hair follicles?

I agree that it doesn't sound like herpes. Molluscum is a maybe, but they aren't spreading, and molluscum isn't usually red.

Can you see a doctor? Stop putting stuff on them, and let your doctor see them as they are naturally.
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I do shave the area but I don’t think it is infected follicles I have had that before. There’s about 4-5 raised red bumps that look like pimples but they won’t go away which is strange. Tough to get to a doctor with this pandemic going on. Not sure how I can submit a picture.
You can post a pic to a hosting site, like imgur, and post the link here, but keep in mind that none of us are doctors and can not diagnose. Also, if you have been putting creams and such on it, it could alter what they look like.

We can only offer suggestions.
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