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Red patch of skin on penis head

*     Age: 25
*     Sex: male
*     Height: 180cm
*     Weight: 85kg
*     Race: caucasian
*     Duration of complaint: at least a few months, maybe even more than that
*     Location of complaint: penis tip
*     Any existing relevant medical issues: seborrhoeic dermatitis
*     Current medications: none
*     Photo: https://imgur.com/a/mZq0ClW

I'm a 25yo male and for the past few months (at least that - I don't really remember before that but it's certainly nothing new, wouldn't be surprised if this was going on even longer) I've had these red places on my penis head (mostly the one on the left hand side near the urethra - this one seems the most visible and has this "shiny" surface) that look like [this](https://imgur.com/a/mZq0ClW).

They're completely even with the skin, not bumpy, not painful, not swollen. They've never caused me any discomfort (pain, itchiness, what have you) whatsoever. I just learned to live with them and figured it's probably because of vigorous masturbation because I masturbate a lot, most often at least once a day and there happen to be periods when it's even more than that. Also, I have seborrhoeic dermatitis so it's not like the sight of a red spot on my body freaks me out. Also, I've never had sex so I don't think this could be any venereal disease or the like.

What may I try to make it go away? I just decided to do something about it because these spots aren't really aesthetically pleasing (though this varies, too - sometimes they become more visible, like after masturbation, sometimes barely visible). What may this be, balanitis? Is there something I can try at home before going to the doctor's? First I decided to try and go slower with my masturbation and cut down the amount of it and to pat dry my penis after washing it but other than that? Should I apply some cream (seen hydrocortisone and clotrimazole recommended online but I want to consult professionals first before going on my own)? I've tried refraining from masturbation in the past days and have only done it once during the past 4 days (and without moving the foreskin on the tip of the penis so as not to irritate it) but I'm not sure if it has gotten any better - looks the same way it has for quite some time, to be honest. But on the other hand, since it's been on for so long, four days may be well too little to have it go away.

Thank you in advance for any help :)
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Do not under any  circumstances try anything at home!!!!  There are a lot of scams out there that will tell you false information.  Steroid cream should never ever be used on the Genitals.  You should go see a doctor to see what he or she has to say.  When you masturbate, use lubricant so that you do not irritate you Penis skin.    
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