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Reocurring skin disease.


I m 22 y old, male. Race latino. Height 173 cm. 62 kg. I dont smoke. All analysis are good after the incubation period, except high VDLR. Hiv and TPHA negative. The doctors said that it s some alergy, and is nothing to worry about.

One year ago a girl made me several times unprotected sex. After 2 months from the last act some pimples appeared on chest and arms. I thought is aids or tpha but is not.

After 6 months some striations appeared on my head of the penis. https://m.imgur.com/a/6D6uBzM

After 1 year the testicles and penis are exfoliating. https://imgur.com/a/WKJHOIG

Also in the morning there is some itching in pubic area. I desinfect it with some alchool but it got worse and these bumps intesified. https://m.imgur.com/a/jJAsLWj

These bumps also appear sometimes on chest and arms and then appears the regular acnee. https://m.imgur.com/a/0Q89nK0

After 1 year the skin between anus and penis start itching and peeling. https://m.imgur.com/a/KXrnpVU

I ve been to severals dermatologists. One of them dermatovenerologist and universitary proffesor. Very expensive. They all say it s from razors or some allergy and the creams they give are only temporarly good. It s waa very hard for me the last year paicholgycally speaking not because i had to abtain from sex, but also because I know I can t start a romantic relathionship with a girl kissing her or going to pool with friends because i could infect someone else or get another bacteria because my imunitarry sistem is weak and under attack. This is why I post here. To give me some advice on what test to do. I think I would try to take cipro antibiotcs as i heard that covers a large bacteries and they are pretty strong. The side effects would be nothing compared to the anxiety I would escape from.o you know what this could be? What more analysis I could make? What treatment should I try? Until now i tried some local oinments( isotrexin, duac) for the chest acnee but after 1 2 months is appearing again.
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It doesn't sound like it is something someone can catch based on what your doctors have said.  Why are you doubting them?  Infected hair follicles are their answer? I don't think chest acne is something anyone can catch. I know it makes you uncomfortable but lots of dudes get this. What about an astringent cleaner or cleaning pad sold in the skin care section of drug stores?  That helps clean it and keep it acne free.  It's made for face but can be used on the chest. Stay away from lotions that are not hypoallergenic and if you break out after using them, stop using them.  There are simple things like eczema that itch.  So, infected hair follicles, razor burn and skin allergy/allergies?  That seems plausible and I'd try to manage it.  Antibiotics are probably going to cause more issues than help you.  
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