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I'm 18, insecure about my injury, and am getting depressed.

This happened when I first started masturbating, and I would use my index and thumb to veraciously rub a singular part(right, bad idea) but i was so young and didn't know any better :(

I'll keep this short: I've had this for maybe 3 years.
                           It's never bled
                           Sometimes is itches or stings
                           I've tried giving it air
                           I've tried Vaseline, Neosporin, and other crazy concoctions
                           I've laid off the jerkin' for months at a time and wont heal, when i do breakdown and touch myself, im left with residual soreness and a slight stinging.

Its raw and has brown skin around the edges, looks really bad when erect.
It refuses to heal.

This is getting me really depressed, I plan on seeing a Dermatologist.

I understand this will leave a permanent mark(if its treatable at all)

What are my options? Creams, surgery? I'm desperate(obviously)

Is this tissue damage? Gland damage?

My relationship life is a joke because its so ugly, i don't want to show it.
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thats alright, glad i ve helped :)
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Appreciate the reply, you've given me a sigh of relief. I'm just over reacting because I'd have expected it to have gone away by now on its own.
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First of all this is not ugly at all. Second this part of the penis might be different for each person and it could be slightly different from the surrounding skin cos this is the area where the skin fuses together on embryonic development.If you weren't circumcised this "line" would continue up until your frenulum.   So this might be completely normal. In addition you might have a mild fungal infection on the area, especially if it gets itchy and if antibiotic as you stated above hasnt worked . Try an over the counter antifungal cream from walmart like Clotrimazole of Lamisil to see how it goes for a couple of weeks. If nothing happens get an appointment with a dermatologist to check if something else is going on there. It doesnt look anything serious, if anything at all. Calm down
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