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Several pelvic and prostate issues, how do i push for a better diagnosis?

Hi everyone!

I've been having some u.t. issues since last year, went to some doctors and had antibiotics so the problem dissapeared , around october i begin to experience some syptoms:

- Pain in my lower back, pelvis and upper tighs running down to my feet
-Burning sensation while urinating and specially after ejaculation / yellowish sperm
-A foul smell coming from my penis, also some miniscule red bumps in my glans penis
- An enlarged prostate confirmed by ultrasound

I tell a specialist about these symptoms and he deduces a prostate infection, a sperm culture test later, it comes positive with a Enterococcal Infection (Group D Streptococcus) so i go trough an antibiotic course for almost a month.

After finishing treatment, the smell from my penis is gone, pain and discomfort are greatly improving so i forget to do the follow up tests to clear me out of the infection. So about a month later my symptoms returned with a vengeance, to the point of almost being unable to walk from the pain.

After going to a second doctor and getting a follow up to my urine and sperm culture which both came out clean, my doctor says it's prostatocystitis and that it maybe chronic, she got me trough another antibiotic course for 2 weeks that somewhat relieved my symptoms.

I suspended my treatment for about a week  to get another set of tests ordered by my doctor and as i expected, pain is coming back and that foul smell with it.

My questions are:

Why on earth am i still having issues after my tests came back clean?

¿What's the best course of action to ensure an effective treatment and diagnosis?

¿Do i need to get additional tests done?
Im just worried of having chronic prostatitis/ Chronic infection, it's a tough condition and i want to get all my information right.

Thank you and take care.

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That stinks!   Chronic urinary tract infections in men aren't all that common but when it happens, it is most often because of an enlarged prostate.  Is your prostate enlarged? Almost always when a male has (and especially the older the male gets) chronic issues like this, it is due to an underlying urologic abnormality.  Have you seen a urologist? I know you have been to the doctor but a urologist is important. I'd say a routine physical screening for other things like diabetes would be helpful too just to make sure that things like that aren't involved as well (as they can be associated with the pattern you describe). Home remedies are lots of fluids, cranberry juice, cleaning the foreskin well.  
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Sadly i'm currrently unable to see an urologist, but i intend to as soon as possible. Yes, i have an enlarged prostate, there's a strong possibility that i have Bacterial prostatitis as a recent semen culture came positive for e.coli.

It may be chronic, but im hoping it's not. Currently on antibiotics (gentamicin) for 12 days then i rest for 3 days to perform yet another semen culture to check for progress. Thanks for your  advice.
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Specialmom has given you a very good answer, I have also requested that this post be moved to men's health, they may have some more insight into this issue as well. I hope you feel better soon.
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Thank you, sincerely
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