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Small flesh lump on my penis' shaft

Hi, Im 20 years of age and I frequently masturbate. A few days ago I noticed a bump on my penis and sometimes it itches after i masturbate but if I do nothing it feels nothing too. I doesnt hurt or anything. I never had sex with anyone. I would like to know what it is and how to get rid of it :(  Thank you! Here is a picture for reference if needed, thank you very much again. ( https://imgur.com/BbKqYvN )
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I can't see anything in your pic - it's very dark and kind of shadowy. :(

Have you ever had any kind of sexual activity? Oral sex? Naked grinding? Penetration? If you haven't, then the bump can't be an STD. It could be dermatitis, a fungal infection, an oil gland, or about a dozen other things.

If you have had sexual contact, maybe it's a wart of molluscum contagiagiosum.

Does it seem to be under the skin or on the skin?

In any case, you should let a doctor check it out to make sure it isn't anything that needs treatment since it's new for you.
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Hi! I never had any kind of sex. The lump feels like a bit hard (not too hard) under the skin.
If it's under the skin, it could be a cyst, a clogged oil gland, a lymphocele, or a variety of other things. Unfortunately, the only way to know is to go to the doctor.

I know that's not what you wanted to hear, but I promise your doctor has seen all of these before, and to your doctor, your penis is just like your elbow or knee. It's really just another body part. :)
Hi, unfortunately, we dont enough money to go to the doctor :( Update: the one big lump became scattered small ones and here it is ( https://imgur.com/a/65kjOht ) It doesnt itch much (sometimes/rarely it does). Its not painful at all and it doesnt cause me any inconvenience in my daily life but im just concerned. Again, I do not engage in any sexual activity but I do masturbate sometimes. Thanks for further replies :'(
I answered your other post, but I'm going to get that deleted so we can keep everything here in one place.

The smaller bumps look like Fordyce spots, which are normal, but you really need a doctor to make that determination in person.

Are there free clinics where you live? Can you google your location and "free clinics"?
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