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Small lumps on penis head

Hello, greetings everyone. First I would like to thank you for helping out to people in need :)

I have a question regarding something that happened to me months ago and it is still present.

I noticed a small lump on my penis head. Not even a lump, but a skin change. It was barely visible and sometimes you could see it, sometimes not. I went to the doctor and he said it is nothing to worry about. That was it.

Now i got 2 extra bumps next to it. Sometimes it is red, sometimes no. Also, it does not hurt, it is only surface bump, on the skin, you can feel a little bit different skin there. When I move my skin it moves with it. It is just on a surface and there is nothing under the skin. No hard lumps or anything. Bump is soft and just looks like a skin bump, skin tag or something.

I didn't have sexual intercourse for a half of year before this occured and I don't have any discharge, smell, discomfort, itchiness or pain. Everything feels normal.

I took a photo so I will put a link on it ( https://imgur.com/a/cdF87lc ). Note: it is hard to see, but it is visible. Same as in real life.

Since I am not at home now and can't get to the doctor soon (absent by work), i would like you to explain me what could this be.

Thank you for your help.
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It could honestly be a skin tag.

It could be genital warts, but how long has the first one been there? I'd expect a genital wart to change after some time.

When you get back home, will you be able to see a doctor? I don't think it's anything you need to rush out and see a doctor for now, but if you happen to get a chance to see one, it wouldn't hurt.
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Hi and thanks for the answer.

It has been there since before the new year, but only 1 tag. The extra ones showed maybe couple of weeks ago.
I will definitely see the doctor when I come home, but it will be in about a month or two, so I just wanted some advice to see if it is dangerous. As I mentioned in an answer above, I am always scared of diseases in this region of my body :) So I just hope it is not an HPV or some kind of tumor or even worse.

Thank you for your help.
If it's on the skin, it's not likely a tumor. That would be under the skin.

Even if it's HPV, if it's the kind that is showing warts, it's generally not the kind that is linked to a cancer risk, and can wait a couple of months, if it's not already gone by the time you get home.

I don't know what you do away from home, but you should abstain from sex since there is a chance this could be an STD.

And you're welcome. :)

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It's good you got checked out by your doctor.  This is often nothing to worry about just as your doctor says.  Hygiene can play a role so be careful with that.  Here is a big list.  That you don't itch with it rules out a lot of things.  https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/red-spot-on-penis   I'm wondering if folliculitis is the cause.  This is an older post answered by a doctor here.  https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Dermatology/Folliculitis-on-my-penis/show/1958340  and another link to look at https://www.healthline.com/health/pimple-on-penis
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Thank you for your answer!

Yea, my hygiene is pretty good. I shower every day, some days even more times since I am in South America currently and here is really hot :)

I have checked all of the links you shared, and i don't think it is pimple or folliculitis. There is no hard bump or anything, more like a blister from burned skin, only surface skin is a bit swollen. Like a skin tag or something. I just hope it is not HPV by any case or god forbid some kind of tumor or cancer (yea, I am a little hypochondriac :D )

Thank you one more time.
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