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Smooth water is coming from the penis while I am walking.

When I am sitting and walking, very smooth water is coming from my penis.I am very confused, I am not even thinking about sex, still why this is happening?
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How much is it? Is it like you are urinating? Is it like you are aroused and it's like pre-cum?

Is it clear? Does it have a color?

Have you had any risks for STDs?
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Yes that's precum,but i am confused I am not even thinking about sex, but how is precum coming from the penis?And I had oral sex with a girl 75 days ago and I got hiv 3rd generation test done on 70 days.And the result was negative.Am I safe?And why is precum coming out of my penis?
As you were advised in the HIV forum, you didn't have a risk for HIV, so whatever is happening does not have anything to do with HIV.

So it is definitely pre-cum that is coming out of your penis, and not urine?  Does it have any color?
How much is coming out?
Yes that's precum,And that is not much but keeps on flowing a little bit.When I go to the toilet, I see that a little precum would have come from the penis.It started from last night, I am very tense, what is happening to me?Do I have STI? Are these STD and STI symptoms?When I think about sex then it is okay to have come precum, but it is not right to get a little bit coming precum without any reason.
It could be an STD, but it could be a lot of things.

Is it clear or white? Yellowish or green? Brown?

You should see your doctor and get some testing done.

It is clear, no color, and sticky .
That usually means it's not an infection, but since it's new, you should get it checked out, especially if it doesn't get better in a couple of days.
Wouldn't it be HIV and STD?Tell me this much, how much percentage is conclusive to get hiv testing done in 10 weeks?
You have already been advised by several members that you do not have HIV.  Our forum will not be accepting further questions about HIV from this event since you were not exposed to HIV.
Certain sexual activities carry certain risks, depending on what body parts and fluids are involved.

If you received oral sex, you are only at risk for gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU, syphilis and genital herpes type 1 (if you don't already have oral hsv1).

You can get conclusive testing for all of the above now.
Just to mention, urine can be clear if you are well hydrated. And some guys do have urine roll down their urethra a while after they pee, that's the reason for the maneuver guys use after peeing known as "the shake." You might just be seeing some urine that was held in the urethra come rolling out. Or, your bladder doesn't shut entirely. It doesn't sound like HIV. To ease your anxiety over the sexual event you mention, you might get a full battery of STD tests just to make sure there's nothing going on.
It is not coming today, but my penis is hurting a little.I am very scared.
Then see a doctor. No one online can tell you what is going on. You need to see a doctor for exams and testing.
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