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Temporary Orgasms

I've had PD since 2013.  2 months ago I got an erection without a curve and I could feel it.  I got a vibrator.  I got about 8 orgasms last month.  Now I feel nothing with my vibrator.  Has anyone ever got an orgasm(s) for a month then went back to not getting one?  Is there a chance that I may be able to get an orgasm again?  
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Interesting.  At first I thought you meant parkinsons disease which does have sexual dysfunction associated with it but you mean peyronies disease, correct? That you had a temporary reprieve from it is great but am sure it reminds you how much you'd like to recover from the pd. Since it is a build up of scar tissue causing the bend, that could possibly change from time to time. While it doesn't usually get better on it's own, who knows exactly what happened.  A lot of men with pd also have some psychological things going on because of the pd and this is also known to affect things. Not sure if that factored into the month of orgasms. I personally think this is a good wake up call for you that maybe you'd like to solve the pd issue. They treat this in a variety of ways and am sure you'd be a candidate since you basically can't have a normal erection/orgasm with the pd.  Everyone deserves a sex life!  They do traction and surgery both as extreme measures but they could start with medication.  Not been known to be overly effective but I'd try them first if it were me.  Check this link out for more info on pd and what your options could be. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/peyronies-disease/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20353473
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