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Testosterone/Prolactin levels

44 y/o Male

I have had a series of bloods done, over the past 12 months, to test testosterone levels and now prolactin (high levels were detected after first set of bloods.

Results are as follows;
Testosterone ranges is between 7.4 - 10.5 nmol/L (always morning, fasting test)
Prolactin is always between 910 - 1015 mU/L (always morning, fasting test)

I have had an MRI scan, with no tumour detected

Urologist states I should try testosterone treatment
Endocrinologist states categorically that I should not be on testosterone

My GP refuses to refer me to specialists (I have paid privately for the consultancy so far)

Whats the thoughts on whether I should be pushing for treatment?

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Are you symptomatic? Why are you testing? Your testosterone is barely on the edge of low.

What is the range for your prolactin test? I'm having a hard time finding results for m/UL.
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Range for testosterone is 8.6 to 29 and prolactin is 86-324.
I have the following symptoms, fatigue, no sleep, weight gain, headaches, sweating excessively, no energy, loss of muscle strength, low libido
Have you tested for anything else besides this? Has your thyroid been tested?

One of the most common causes for high prolactin is an underactive thyroid. Before you take any hormones, you should get that checked. Your symptoms fit that of an underactive thyroid.

If they only checked your TSH, there are more tests they should do - https://www.thyroid.org/thyroid-function-tests/


We have a great Thyroid Disorders forum here. If you have questions about your test results or which tests you should get - https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Thyroid-Disorders/show/73 As I understand it, many doctors only want to do the TSH, but I'd hope your endo did more than just that.

Is there a reason why your endo is so against the treatment?

He says I do not have the levels that would require treatment, they are within normal range as far as he is concerned

I had thyroid checked some time ago, but not recently
Your testosterone seems within normal limits, but unless I'm missing something, your prolactin seems high.

If it were me, that's what I'd be pursuing.
Apologies, just found a thyroid test from 3 months ago.
TSH 1.950 mlU/L range 0.27-4.2
Free T4 12.02 pool/L 12-22
I was told my prolactin was of no concern, given no lesion or tumour was present
There are other causes of high prolactin. I'm not the expert here, but it's high enough that if it were me, I'd be questioning it.


Have you had any other testing done? Anything abnormal?
Nothing else tested, no-one is willing to investigate any further unfortunately
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