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The tip of my urethra is hurting, what can it be?

Hello, I am 30 year old male. On July 6, 2020 I was masterbating & right when the cum came out, I felt a burning sensation at the tip of my urethra. It’s been two weeks now, whenever I sit down I get a burning feeling of the tip of my urethra. When I walk around, the burning sensation disappears. When I go pee, I don’t have any bladder pain, no blood in urine, I don’t have trouble emptying my bladder. My urethra hurts, right when you enter into my pee hole. Normally, I masterbate 2-3 a day, everyday. I’ve been doing this, since I was 16.

I went to local urgent care, they checked of my testicles are in enlarged. They didn’t see any issues with my testicles. What can this be ?
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go see an urologist its what they specialize in ,  doing otherwise is like have a tree surgeon doing your plumbing , make an appointment and make sure you tell them everything regardless
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I agree with GuitarRox on this - did they do any urine testing? Any other exams other than checking your testicles?
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Oh and I ask about the urine testing because if you have a prostate infection or inflammation, you might have white blood cells in your urine.
I was checked for gonorrhea and chlamdia. It’s the tip of my urethra that hurts. It feels like somebody shoved a pen inside my urethra. For example, when I wake up in the morning. I almost feel no pain. But around the evening time it’s usually stays up hurting. It stops hurting when I start walking around. It’s because the boxers are not as tight, since I’m walking.
Actually, it may not be your boxers. Prostate inflammation is a really common cause of your symptoms.



You could also have urethral syndrome, but the symptoms aren't so well matched to yours - https://www.healthline.com/health/urethritis-chronic

You really need further examination to know for sure. You could also try going without boxers or underwear and seeing if that helps.
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Did the urgent care say anything about urethritis?   This is inflammation of the urethra.  It is a common reason for burning at the spot you mention.  https://www.healthline.com/health/urethritis    This gets better with antibiotics.  Did they check for this?  There is also something called urethra syndrome that doesn't involve an infection.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325057  Have you had your prostate checked?  Prostate issues can cause a burning feeling too. I assume you've ruled out any std's by the way as well.  I'd go to a regular doctor (not urgent care) and discuss this.  I'd also lay off masturbation for a few days to give yourself a rest.  Let us know what happens.
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Hey there. I have taken 2 weeks off from masterbation. I took a urine sample for UTI, chlamydia & gonorrhea. I’m waiting to here for the results. I feel like, I caused a damage to my nerve ending at the tip of my penis. Urgent care doctor checked my balls, for testicle cancer & she didn’t see any sign of that.
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