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Trt surpress natural testosterone

I got offered TRT treatment after a couple of test results came back on the low side ,so I nievely decided to go ahead with it ,I was ment to inject testosterone cypionate 0.17ml and HCG 0.7ml into my belly fat 3 times a week ,so I basically took it on Thursday and Saturday then had a bit of a moment and reality hit home and I realized this wasn't for me so I stopped ,even tho I only took it twice and stopped early ,will it still surpress my natural testosterone production? If so how long till it kick starts again?
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How low were your test results? Did a doctor offer you the treatment, or someone else?

After only taking it twice, your own testosterone production probably hadn't shut down yet. Even if it had, restoring it probably won't take long. Even for those who've been on it for years, it usually only takes several months to fully get back to where they were before.

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Try to Cut a long story short I got a test done early in the year and it was 9.57nmol/l totally shocked as I'm pretty active (bearing in mind I was on Prozac for over 7 years,which I came off straight away after reading there is a link between antidepressants and low testosterone) month later i get tested again and it comes back at 18.98nmol/l ,so I get another test just to confirm and that comes back at 18.02 so I clearly don't have an issue with testosterone as I thought I did at the start ,7 weeks down the line I decide to get another test done for the last time and it comes back at 12.03 ,so the clinic offers me TRT which I jump at selfishly ,I just seen it as a way of getting high normal flow of testosterone ,then it hits me that I'm gonna take a medication that I don't really need just for my own vanity
Testosterone levels - as with all hormone levels - vary at different points in the day. If your tests weren't done at the same time of day, that could account for some of it.

Is there a reason the test was done in the first place? Were you having symptoms?

You probably aren't going to notice anything from only taking it twice.
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