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UPDATE to fluid collecting isn Scrotum

I am schedule for a scrotal ultrasound.  The urologist thought it is a hydrocele but wanted to verify with the ultrasound results.   If it is a hydrocele he noted two ways to treat.  Either surgery in the hospital with being under general anesthesia or in his office and removing fluid with a needle and just a local anesthesia.  He did say though that about 90% of the time the hydrocele will reappear when just aspirated with a needle.  I am leaning towards the needle rather that the surgery at this time.  any thoughts on the subject???
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I feel you.  I'm thinking needle is better now at this time too.  Surgery is just . . . so . . . serious.  Invasive and then there is recovery and all of that.  I'd go or the easier and less invasive approach.  It may come back and you may need surgery down the road but you can plan it when it is a good time OR be lucky to be one of the percentage of people that it doesn't reappear. So, I'm with you going with the needle aspiration.  
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Thank s for the opinion.  I feel the same way.
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When are you going to schedule it?
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Just done the ultrasound this morning.  Will probably get with the doctor a day next week and get it drained.  If in fact it is just a hydrocele. hopefully!
Had the hydrocele aspirated last week.  doing well and so far has not returned.  Really strange feeling there now.  Feels like it is empty.  
I can't find a Urologist that will do aspiration. My hydrocele is small the size of a big grape. I don't understand why all the 2 Urologist I have seen will not do aspiration?
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Did the needle aspiration work or has the Hydrocele returned? Why was the size of your Hydrocele and did the aspiration hurt?
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The idea of aspiration of hydrocele hurts to just think about it BUT remember, they will numb the area. This isn't the dark ages where you get strapped down for procedures using barbaric methods.  So, know that they will numb the area and make it as comfortable as possible.  Sometimes they can even give something for anxiety before hand to help calm you.  
the aspiration did not hurt at all.  and other than someone handling my scrotum was not an unpleasant experience,
However, after two years the hydrocele is back.  I am seriously thinking of having him drain the cell again and possibly at the same time have a no scalpel vasectomy.
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