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Unending urethral irritation.

In on March 12th, I just finished masturbating when I felt an irritating tingling sense on the underside of my penis (or  urethra) accompanied by a red patch on the urethra. It is now May and I still have this feeling and I don't know what to do. A potential cause is that I was using a soft blanket to masturbate with instead of using my hand, as I do not like using my hand. However , since then I have tried different ways and even continued using the blanket only now I use lube and latex gloves to protect my penis from rugburn. I have gone to the doctor and he didn't seem to know what the issue was, he prescribed me an antibiotic in case it where an in infection. I finished the prescription and it did nothing. I even went without masturbating for extended periods of time. But that only seems to make the feeling much worse. However, there is a way to slightly counter the feeling, If I hydrate myself really well the feeling will go away until I dehydrate (or urinate). sometimes I feel so desperate to stop the feeling that I will hold in my urine for extended periods of time just to keep the feeling from returning. If anyone knows what this might be please help! I'm tired of having this and I don't want to start college with it still there.
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Have you ever tried anti-yeast medication?
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No, I guess I haven't
Do you think that would help?
I know a guy, who had a similar problem and he was able to cure with an anti-fungal cream. I suggest you to discuss with your doctor regarding the anti-fungal medication. Good Luck. And, constantly keep updating about your status on this page.
I got some Clotrimazole cream and probiotics. Think that'll help?
Try until you meet your doctor. If it is related to any fungal issue, the itching should stop at the 14th of application. If it persist, that means there is something happening in your  body.
So, keep us updated.
It's not really an itching feeling, it's more like an aroused feeling except it isn't erect, it just remains in an aroused feeling, and if the area is touched the feeling will grow stronger. However when I'm hydrated enough the feeling stops until I urinate. Also, the directions on the clotrimazole cream says to apply twice a day, so you think I should stop after 7 days? Also, I wouldn't count on me going to the doctor because the last two times I went they did nothing and my parents most likely wouldn't be happy with me asking for another visit considering they don't make that much money and have been given lackluster results.
Neither of those things are even relieving the feeling. but it seems that when I ice it with and ice pack, that helps.
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My personal suggestion to you is not to use ice. It can cause irritations which is very difficult to cure.
Stop over touching the area for sometime and clean your penis twice a day. Keep us updated. Good Luck.
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What do you mean by over touching the penis?
Should I keep using the cream?
I meant, don't touch your penis all the time. Touch it only when you wash it. And, how is your situation right now? Do you feel easy after the cream ?
Yes it helps a little bit
The two weeks is up and cream has cured nothing
It has seemingly made it worse, sleep is almost impossible
I don't know if this is helpful or not, but whatever this is its under the skin too
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