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Unsure about Pain: thigh and Penis rash with acne-like breakouts


I've been in considerable pain the past nearly 4 weeks now so I thought I would upload my question here. Its the first time I've used a site like this but looking for possible answers or a guide in the right direction. [I'll try to provide background and details of symptoms to current]

On the 16th of January I was sexually assaulted while in America by a man orally and anal. I'm a 24 year old gay male and have normally very good health. About a week after the incident I lost my voice and had redness discoloration on my penis, went to the doctor and was told it was laryngitis from a viral infection (didn't mention the penis but asked to do an HIV test bc of the incident) - I also noticed thrush on my tongue so was given a Diflucan pill. I later at home noticed what I just thought were regular ulcers on my lower and upper lip form my teeth the pressing. Voice came back in a few days and ulcers cleared on their own in 2-3 days. After I took the Diflucan all my penis redness was gone as well I was relieved and thought it was mild penile thrush.

three days after I believe I saw a white clear bump under my skin of my penis which I thought may be a fordyce gland as they are naturally on my penis. The next day the bump became raised with a red barrier around it, the center was solid and hard and I could not pop it like a normal ingrown hair pimple and it had no pus in the center. As well the same day a red rash and large red acne breakout on my lower back-butt area was their (which cleared on its own in two days). A day after at night I had a shooting stabbing pain in my penis followed by intense burning which lasted the next 3-4 days (nightly the most severe) and while I wanted to, avoided seeing a doctor due to only having international health insurance (I study in Australia) - redness reappeared in the penis but I had no more Diflucan to take as I was only given one pill. During this time a atypical red rash appeared on my thighs (entire thighs widespread in bands) and very small pustules like pimples but they left a red mark after they disappeared where the lesion was and burned before appearing.

once arriving back in Australia I went to an STI clinic and was screened he said it didn't resemble herpes at least classic symptoms as in the bump on my penis (which I agree) but didn't know what it was - I told him about the burning on my penis and thighs he said "its out of my range" and took a viral culture only on the bump. At this point all redness and breakout was already gone from my lower back and he dismissed the rash and small pimples on my thighs as just acne and I didn't question it. Tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia and supposedly herpes culture which all came back negative eventually via phone call. That same day I was tested at the clinic I went to the University health clinic and after I told of the rape incident and was given a more thorough examination - culture swaps were taken from the throat/mouth, anus, urethra, and alongside the penis and above the butt-lower back where the outbreak had occurred, but by this time the outbreak was nearly fully healed.

The next week all results came back negative of the cultures: sphyilis, Hvs1 and Hvs2, thursh, and gonorrhea. Again I was relieved she said a blood test wasn't needed for herpes (type specific) at the time because I have had type 1 oral as cold sores since the age of 10 and that a viral culture would be good enough if the virus was active at the time of collection. She gave me a fungal ointment prescription for my thighs and penis which I applied three times a day for a week allowed circulation. During that time the rash did not get better in fact got more redness and breakouts. Pretty much constantly every day one or two more pimples sometimes with green pus centers and big but most times very small almost like blisters. I still  had and still do have pain and burning sensation in my thighs and lower back, sometimes the stabbing pain from time to time that changes location and is most severe at night rather than during the day. None of the new breakouts on my thighs were ever cultured as they cleared before my other appointment.

Today about a month out - still having the pain in thigh and lower back with burning sensation and occasionally penis skin, as well as the regular breakouts. For now I'm waiting to do a blood test for herpes type specific antibodies to rule out hvs2 in April when its been three months since the incident (at a different doctor because she will not do this I've asked). What other steps should I take? Besides not having sex and keeping an eye on the sores. What else could be causing the pain, I know anxiety causes some pain as well, but I'm not constantly anxious or thinking about this all the time. Also the penile bump which looks similar to a wart has never changed in size or colouration during this time. UTI test was also taken came back negative.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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Does anyone have any similiar syptoms now two months since the incident and have had burning and redness on penis head on and off for about 6 days and then stops. It burns with inner thighs when stressed. No lesion as of yet bump still their - I'm wondering if it's scar tissue from damage by getting my penis pitched with the man's torso on top of me during the assualt. Any help would be greatly aprreciated.
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