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Urinary hesitancy and frequency and masturbation?

I'm 18 and a male. I had a few issues with urinary hesitancy for a couple weeks now along with a few more minor symptoms. I went to a urologist and now I started taking Cipro a couple days ago. Now my symptoms are more different. I have frequent urination (I feel the need to go to the restroom every 30 minutes to 1 hour), especially in the morning time. However, I feel as if the antibiotic is helping out with the hesitancy; I feel as if urinating is almost if not fully natural/normal. The only issue is if I masturbate. After ejaculation, I feel as if I can't urinate. Depending on the situation, it can take over 5 minutes for me to finally begin urinating. But the issue isn't necessarily with time, but with how I feel. Clearly I feel like I need to urinate but nothing comes out. I also know that after ejaculation, it takes a bit of time for the average person to urinate (it isn't my first time doing it..) but this is definitely unnatural. Any thoughts?
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Make sure to take the whole course of antibiotics.  If you still have any urination abnormalities, I'd go back to your doctor to test your urine again to make sure all the bacteria is gone.  UTI's stink.  How many days are you to take the medicine?  If masturbating causes an issue, maybe just wait until you are all done with the meds and uti?  It can't be that long.  Masturbating actually can lead to UTI's if your hands accidentally get e coli on them. Keep that in mind.  So, be really hygienic about the whole thing.

Here's like everything and more that wanted to know about UTI's in dudes. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320872.php

There are threads here by many guys that have trouble urinating or difficulties just like you describe when they masturbate a lot.  Go up to the search bar and search some.  They may be worth a read by you.  
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