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Urological injury; minimizing pain between now and urologist appt?

Hi all,
I (26) think I hurt myself using a too-tight **** ring a week ago (Monday, 3/15). I was using it while masturbating, then it started hurting, so I took it off and kept going. During that time, though, I felt a quick surge of pain from my front to back, along my perineum, ending with what felt like an explosion of pain in what must have been my prostate. The pain there subsided quickly, but since then I've had a pain right behind my pubic bone, and pain right near my anus, like something's pushing outward. My epididymi ache, too. Achieving an erection has also been more difficult, if not impossible.

Since the pain isn't totally unbearable and there's no blood in urine or semen, I went to urgent care as I'm between PCPs at the moment. There they examined me and said I have epididymitis; specifically, irritation caused by some sort of backflow (which explains what I felt). There's no hernia, and a blood and urine test show no signs of infection. They prescribed me 600 mg ibuprofen every 6-8 hours for the pain, told me to see a urologist, and sent me on my way. The pain was getting better until today, where it regressed to how I felt on day 1. I know there's not much to worry about since a hernia and infection were ruled out.

How can I minimize my discomfort between now and when I see the urologist in a week, in addition to taking the ibuprofen suggested by the folks at urgent care? What should I expect when I visit the urologist?
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Oh yeah; should mention I'm T1D and on insulin, buproprion, phentermine, and clonidine!
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Some of the tips to manage symptoms of epidimytis include rest, ice packs to the area, and supporting your scrotum with an athletic supporter, but use that last one only as feels comfortable.

At the urologist, I'm sure you'll get the basics - an exam, urine test (in office, and maybe they'll send it off for culture), and maybe an ultrasound of the area. That may be at a follow up appt, along with a cystoscopy, perhaps.

I hope you feel better. It sounds painful.
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