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Veins bottom of testicle (Pictures)

Ill say from the beginning it all started before the summer when i went and had a ultrasound done because i was curious what these veins was on my left testicle he told me he saw that i was swollen on my left testicle and said to me to tell me immediately if i feel anything like pain or something, he said it wasn't cancer as i thought it was. Days went by till i felt something on my groin scale 1/10 it was an 0.5 didnt even feel but i felt "something" almost the end of the summer the pain happened first day of pain it was 3/10 and next day 4/10 and next 5/10 finally 6/10 thats when i went to the ER and a surgeron checked me out he suspected epidimidyt

but he was a surgeon not an urologist but i took his word and took medicine for 2-3 days and later got an appointment to the an urologist i described my problem he said alright to the ultrasound you go he didnt find anything and was like everythings alright its just a normal teenager problem, off i go, 1 week later i had worse pains  like stabbing going through my hip and if i jumped i felt my lower back hurt those sort of pains.

I went to him again and he was like theres nothing wrong he was 1. no epidimytis 2. no torsion 3. no varicocele 4. no trauma 5. i forgot
and he said you have neither of these 5 so whats the problem? He took me to the ultrasound again and he found varicoceles he told me grade 2 he measured them and stuff. And got an appointment to a chief physician who works with these things he examined me and i showed him those veins and told him about those pains in hip/Back he told me i had chronic epidimitys and not varicocele he said to me i dont know what that urologist saw but its indeed not varicocele.

He told me to take ibuprofen 400 mg 3 times a day for 3-4 weeks and if the problem persists go make a new appointment.

After taking ibuprofen the pain went away but i still feel "something" but i dont got hip pains anymore, but i have pain in my rectum happened in class today.

Sorry for writing so much but the question is

Who do i listen to? Do i got varicoceles or not? Is it chronic epidimitys or not? Im so confused

He said it wasnt infected because he saw at my urine test it wasnt infected.

Should i take other medicins?  I want those veins away!!!! This summer has been hell for me. I'm 16 year old.

Thats my story thank you.

Heres the pictures


i can take more if you want.
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Pictures do not download here for some reason.
It does not matter whether you have varicocyle or not since they need no treatment and pose no threat to you. They are easily felt within the scrotum and do not require any diagnostic aids. I don't know if you have chronic epidydimitis or not but can only say that it is extremely unlikely since such a condition is exceptionally rare. Recurring testicular pain at you age is not uncommon.
Most of your problems are due to your fixating on  symptoms and getting yourself all worked up about nothing. You are also probably over search engineered. Take some time out and relax. You will be fine.  
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