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Vibration in scrotum

Hi im experiencing some sort of continues vibration in my scrotum and it never stops... makes me feel like I need a constant wee also can't sleep.... please can anyone help me.
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There's a nerve thing some people get (you can also find posts from women on this site talking about feeling like they have a buzzing cellphone in their jeans pocket) and on this site there is speculation that it might be either a pinched nerve in the area, or even something in the lower back pinching a nerve. Try yoga for the lower back, and stretches, and if you do something such as bike riding that might put pressure on a nerve in that area, see if stopping it for a while also stops the vibration. Also, ask your doctor for a referral to a neurologist. From the number of posts about this issue, it won't be the first time a nerve specialist is asked about this problem.
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Hi thanks for responding to my post I've just had a scrotum exploration surgery been discharged 5 days ago and now I'm developing this continuous vibrating which interfere with everything
Why did you have the surgery?

Definitely follow up with the surgeon to let them know you are having this sensation. It may be something important they need to know, or they may be able to offer solutions for it.

I was suffering with pain in my right testical so got told to rush to hospital where they first thought it could be testicular torsion so they performed a scrotum exploration but it turned out just to be an inflamed tesical and infection so I'm on antibiotics but now starting to feel this vibration

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