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Was it normal for me to get an erection when I had to pull a fire alarm in a fire?

I discovered a small fire/smoke and  I was with my best Friend and he and I went to go and pull the fire alarm. I was wearing
colored underwear(bikini style) and the fire alarm had glass which I kicked as there was no hammer. Why did I get an erection when I kicked the glass? I was wondering if another male got an erection pulling a fire alarm in a fire?  Also why did I pass gas when I was kicking the glass and after I pulled the lever I passed gas. Was it because I was stressed? How would you kick the glass with an erection so as not to hurt your penis? How would you adjust your underwear so that way the erection wont impede the kicking if it ever happened again?

Also is there a benefit mentally wearing colored underwear in an emergency situation to keep you calm?

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Just guessing, but the excitement of the incident could have released a lot of adrenaline and a stronger blood flow than usual, which could have affected you in that unusual way.

Unless fire emergencies happen often around you, it doesn't seem like you need to plan a kicking style against a future similar event. Maybe you could just do some commonsense thinking about it and answer that question.

Regarding whether a garment might help you keep calm in an emergency, maybe so if it is ridiculous enough. Laughing or being distracted greatly reduces fear and being anxious, so wearing something goofy in an emergency might help calm a person.

Again, though, just like planning a kick style, wearing something particular because some day you think you might need to kick a fire alarm seems like a lot of prep for what should be a once-in-a-lifetime event, unless you aren't mentioning something about how the fire started.
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