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Weakness after Masturbation

I am 26 years old Male. I used to be a very good sportsman but since 2007, I got involved in to a very bad habit of masturbation. Due to continuous masturbation and sports, I started feeling pain in my knees as well as in lower back. My situation till last month was that after every masturbation, I used to feel too much weekness in my legs, knees and whole body.

Currently, I have promised with myself that I won't perform this evil activity in future and trying to fulfil this. Now the main problem is that I am going to be married in december 2010, due to which I am extremenly worried with my current situation. I would request you to please suggest some best possible medicine for me so that I may recover my energies before my marriage and can have successful life afterwards.

Please suggest some best possible medicines which are internationally available (because I live in Pakistan).

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks a lot for your comments and wishes on my marriage. Can you please also comment regarding the weakness I feel in my legs and pain in knees after every masturbate? is this normal behavior or due to some problem? also I can now feel that my orgasm (liquid) is not as thick as it used to be. Does the webside recommended by you (natural-homeremedies) can help or if there is some other easy way to make it thick one again? thanks
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How're you doing 11 years after your marriage now? Really curious. Because I've the same problem.
Masturbation doesn't cause weakness, unless you are doing it several times a day.

Weakness in your legs is normal for a few minutes post orgasm - whether through masturbation or sex. Are you having pain?

If you are ejaculating frequently, it can cause your semen to be thinner or more watery. It should go back to normal after abstaining for a few hours, though.
Frankly, you can masturbate all day if you're young, and really, it's the young who would do such a thing, it still won't affect your strength.  You can still go out and work all day.  Sure, right after orgasm, most women get energized and most men get sleepy, but that passes quickly.  
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abstaining from masterbration should "recover [your] energies" in itself.  
If you'd like a tranditional (eastern) medical view; All i can say is eat healthy, eat anything green (vegatables); fruits, and nuts.  That'll give you energy in every way.  If your looking for bed room "energies" then you can easily google that stuff.  

Here's an example:

best of luck,
and Congratulations on your marriage.

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