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What is the average size of a 15 year olds penis?

I'm 15 years old, and I am dating this one girl who is starting to hint at her wanting to have sex with me. I have been waiting to hear that for a while now, but this got me thinking, what if I have a small ****? I'm 3.5" when flacid, and around 6.5-7" when erect. Does this make me small, medium or large? If any women answering, would that be enough to please you(forget my when thinking about this)?
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There's no reason for concern over the size of your penis.  Additionally, within normal limits (which is where yours falls), there's also no concern over size being an issue when it comes to pleasing a woman.

You have much more to concern yourself with regarding sex than penis size.  If you do not know proper techniques regarding how to please a woman, you cannot satisfy a woman regardless of the size of your penis.  Also, please do use condoms and other birth control.  Condoms can prevent many STDs and pregnancy, and hopefully the girl you are dating is on birth control.  
1. I do have condoms.
2. She is on birth control.
3. Do you have any advice for pleasing a woman? Any techniques?
4. Not to get too weird or personal, or anything, but what do you like?(optional, just answer the rest please)
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Totally agree with this. Men worry far more about penis size than women ever do.

Educate yourself about things like foreplay and that will go far.

Also, you're 15. It probably doesn't feel like it, but you are very young. You have plenty of time for sex. And definitely, absolutely, always use condoms. Pulling out is terribly unreliable, pre-come has sperm in it and can cause pregnancy, and doesn't prevent STDs. Use them even if your partner is on the pill.

Do you have any advice for foreplay? Cause I seem to be lacking in that area then I guess.
Not really, other than talk to your partner, ask what she likes, take your time, and if she says she doesn't like something and/or wants to stop at any time, you stop.

There's lots of sites for how to do certain things, but that's not this site. We're a medical site. Even sites that tell you "this is the way to give great foreplay" rarely take into account that each person is different, and will like and not like different things.

So take your time, talk about it (if you're old enough to do it, you're old enough to talk about it with your partner), and you'll learn together. If you can't talk about it, you're not ready, which is totally okay.
Thank you for being straight with me. Have a good day.
I just saw this. I would add, if she says stop, you stop. No whining, begging, sulking, pressure or anger. If two people are thinking about getting sexual and one doesn't want to (even if the decision comes on all of a sudden when you thought things were going pretty well), you stop. In other words, at every step of the way it is yes or no, and if for one person it becomes no, you both stop. It doesn't take the "me too" movement to point out why. It might be disappointing, but don't be mean or put on pressure.

You've been asking about technique. Be enthusiastic and act like you are having a good time because she is the most exciting person ever, and take your cues from your partner.

As Jessi said, it is not obligatory to have sex at age 15. Even as recently as 20 years ago that would have been considered extremely young, especially for the girl. Every state is different, but it would also be wise to figure out if you two are even of the legal age of consent. (Sometimes the guy's age is part of the equation, so google the question "If I am 15 and my girlfriend is __ and we have sex in _____, would that be illegal?") The last thing you want is a lawsuit from her parents, or an arrest. It can happen.

Finally, take a cue from a friend of mine who had to pay child support for 20 years from the one time he had sex with a girl in high school. He was on the hook for payments until he was 38. Take contraception seriously.

Good luck.
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