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What is wrong with my penis?

This started about mid February. Basically I (was) a very sexual active person from age 13-24. A new partner every other week. Masturbation 1x2 a day. My symptoms seemed to have started almost over night. The opening of my penis was (still is but a little less) very inflamed and irritated. It feels like a tingling pain in the tip constantly. This seems to be better somedays and worse on others. I had a constant urge to urinate (this seems to have gotten better). The tingling pain has now spread to the bottom of my foot as of a couple weeks ago. Also my seamen was very yellow during the worst of the this (my seamen is normal now?) I will also note, no discharge no smelly urine and is also clear or yellowish.

Originally I was tested and treated for Gon/clam.
Test was negative.
Then tested and treated for uti which was also negative.
Swabbed for herpes and trich which was also negative.
Finally just went to the ER which they just put lidocaine in urethera which helped a little.
They also tested my urine (for the third time)and did an xray.
Bladder, prostate and kidneys all normal.
Again my urine was normal.
Then I was referred to a urologist who did a more complicated urine test which of course came back normal. He suggested I had an allergic reaction to condoms. And told me to continue with life but using sheepskin condoms.
I would take him up on his advice but the almost constant pain and puffiness of my meatus makes it almost impossible to have sex now and has made me depressed and I just want my life back.
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Did they do an actual prostate exam using fingers or an MRI to look at your prostate and scrotum?

If they haven't, that's what I'd suggest.

Everything you are saying suggests prostatitis. You can have non-bacterial prostatitis, and an x-ray doesn't always show inflammation of the prostate.



Everything about your symptoms screams prostatitis to me. I am not a doctor, and can not diagnose. I'd get a second opinion from another urologist.

Let us know what happens.

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Sorry it was a CT scan. And the comment made about my prostate was “unremarkable”.
Would love to have the urologist check it out further but everything is closed due to the pandemic.  
Where are you located? You can't get medical care? I know in most places that are on lockdown or shut down orders, you can still get medical care.

If this gets worse, you get a fever, any sharp or shooting pains, any swelling, go to your emergency department. That could all indicate an infection.

In the meantime, do some research on non-bacterial prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. I don't know that it's what you have, but maybe you can find some things that will help. One thing others say is to really lay off the caffeine - like eliminate it - and drink water. It doesn't cure it, but for some, it helps a lot.

We also have 2 others who have posted very similar stories today, and a few others recently. If you go back to the main forum, maybe you all can help each other get through this.

Thanks for being responsive. I was told unless it’s an emergency  but I’m going to see if I can get back in with the urologist.

I have been reading about prostatitis for for a few weeks now and following posts on this site. I’m going to try and take turmeric to see if it will help. I also only drink water and my diet is pretty clean (not a lot of processed sugar).

So are you saying that an irritated or inflamed prostate can be overlook in a CT?

Thanks again!
Oh sorry - my brain didn't process the CT part of it. Yes, I would think that the CT would show the inflammation, but I can't find too much about how reliable this method is.

I do know that if you were allergic to latex condoms, your doctors wouldn't be able to use latex gloves, you wouldn't be able to touch latex balloons, etc. That seems like a strange diagnosis.

It's also dangerous, as sheepskin condoms don't offer any real protection against STDs or pregnancy.

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